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The Sword of Michael, Archangel of Movement,

Instrument in God's Hands


Wholeness of Creation is the result of fusion of the polarities positive (good?) and negative (bad?). Our God is a "burning fire" of transformation. The picture above is the corporeal image of Michael with (light)sword and shield performing this task in submissive devotion.


Transformation of the DNA of Creation

Another way of looking at evolution. Earth is a living Creature, just like us. The impulse creating life is governing our creation and imprinted in our gene-structure: the DNA.

There is only one DNA of Creation of Wholeness. Our imprint is an individual one and the result of soul-radiation into earth matter. This individual imprint is based upon the total end result of our karma.

Our karma of all our different lives has been fixed into various morphogenetic fields, both individual and groupwise. The institute church calls this the Original Sin.

To a new concept of spiritual activities

The individual human being should not hang on to his nostalgic past, but become a walking acupuncture needle in The Hands of The Lightbeings of Wholeness, The Planetary Hierarchy, The Guides and Representatives of The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness.

We shall be able to bring about The New Age ruled by a New Covenant through a non-emotional, different kind of praying in Wholeness for everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible.

These 64 Lightprayers are corresponding to the keys of our DNA and are a total new concept of spiritual activities. The brain (mind) is overruled in a Flash of Light of Wholeness (Contemplation) and The Beginning of A Whole New Way of Life will be possible.


On the author

Emile Trommel has lived and traveled many years in different countries all over the world being a promoter of foreign trade. His reason for writing these chapters - after many unusual experiences in various countries - is that mankind has to submit in devotion to The Ultimate Source and work for Wholeness.
This should be the reality of our life, not to be realized out of ambition, but through acceptance that is what is. Not through apathy, but through the 64 Lightprayers, active praying in silence for the Wholeness of Creation.



Printable version of the 64 Lightprayers (part 4 of the Book The Sword of Michael)

Now you can download the PDF file of all 64 Lightprayers for easy printing or saving here.

Right click and choose 'save target as' to download the file to your hard disk. 

The promise

The 64 Lightprayers are completely specified and if practiced daily in sequence, will bring mankind into a New Understanding of Praying leading to the New Covenant.

Dutch version

Now there is also a website in Dutch. You can find it at www.spiritualDNA.nl 



Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)