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The book


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Here you can read the four parts of the book.


Part 1 Spiritual Inventory and Confrontation

Part 2 The Quantum Leap or MerKaBa

Part 3 Walking The Path in devoted Submission

Part 4 The Shield of Light Doing the Lightprayers

It is the intention to distribute the Lightprayers all over the world. The unique concept will be clear to you when you have read the contents of the book and will actually do the Lightprayers for some considerable time. It will bring you inner-knowledge not brain-knowledge. A written truth inside your being that will lead you for the rest of your life, if you allow it to do so.

There are various possibilities for obtaining the book:

  • downloading it from this website, free of charge 
  • ordering a CD-ROM by sending $10 or 10 in cash, postage included 
  • ordering a photocopied book (ringbinder) 279 pages A-4 by sending $25 or 25 in cash, postage included

Stichting Schild van Licht

P.O. Box 260

3880 AG Putten The Netherlands

e-mail emile@spiritualdna.net


I shall be honoured to send you more details.

Emile Trommel


Printable version of the 64 Lightprayers (part 4 of the Book The Sword of Michael)

Now you can download the PDF file of all 64 Lightprayers for easy printing or saving here. Right click and choose 'save target as' to download the file to your hard disk. 





Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)