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The Lightprayers and the DNA of Creation 

I have traveled the world many, many years. First as a business-manager and after 1986 as a spiritual investigator with a group of people or alone. In many countries in and outside Europe I have given introductions and seminars about my experiences and the Lightprayers. 

The Lightprayers are a series of prayers in which our own desires and needs are hardly playing a role. Prayers in which the human being is active as an arousing voice for the total of creation and acts for everything that is alive - visible and invisible. 

By doing the Lightprayers human beings play an active role in the hands of the Planetary Hierarchy, like an acupuncture needle, regulating the energy-flow on Mother Earth.

The Lightprayers were brought to Planet Earth by mrs. Olive Pixley who received these during the Thirties and Forties. 


Transformation of the Planet 

The responsible reaction will come from the Planetary Hierarchy and will bring the necessary force to Planet Earth to build an energy-field of morphic resonance of Wholeness. This will transform the Planet and bring Wholeness when the time is there. It will happen what many Messengers have prophesied and it will be overpowering. The Spiritual Leaders of Planet Earth are waiting for individuals who want to cooperate with them, without striving for any human-result. Individuals who do not look for own advantage, but at the same time know that this striving is laid down into the gene-structure. 


The Lightprayers

The chapters on this website will spell out in detail how you can help by doing the 64 Lightprayers composing of a mixture of breathing (spiritually and physically), Light (in all known and unknown colors) coming from the Ultimate Source, sound and movement, being all the ingredients of a different frequency (vibration) of the astral world we live in.


Emile Trommel


The Original Council of The Armour of Light supports the contents of the book, based upon the new knowledge of the DNA of Creation. 





Stichting Schild van Licht (Shield of Light Foundation)