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In the Beginning




There is but one Creation, and we just know some aspects. It will always be like that, because development of consciousness is spiralling, there is no beginning and there will be no ending, just the present is important. The present bears the results of the past and the seed of the future, it seems there is no variety and that the human being has no choice but to surrender. We, however, have free will (the only such being alive on this planet). We are all aware what role this played in our evolution on Mother Earth, and we see the results in our everyday life. If we were to continue in this way, it would create a very human way of looking at creation.


 This is not the idea of this book. Its main concept is that people should realise that they might be aware of and have some idea of how things are. The actual truth by far exceeds what they are or might be able to understand, even to the extent of their innermost feelings of wisdom. For each human being there is a difference in the possibilities open to him. Our readings and clarifications of Creation are dependent upon the spirit of Zeitgeist and our restricted possibilities. The human being is a complex creature. The body is a chemical factory with the capacity to produce all kinds of chemicals. As a result we think we can observe true realities, but these chemical reactions involved, are very often just causing hallucinations.


You might call these dopamine-effects or aspirin-effects caused by thinking patterns and the result of interference of the two brain-halves. A more neutral – non-emotional – view on Creation is introduced and on which the basic-law is founded that might explain the coherence.

This Law is:


Matter is the lowest frequency (vibration) of Spirit and Spirit is the highest frequency (vibration) of Matter.

Acceptance of this will in principle enable us to clarify and understand the Total Coherence of Creation.


Highest and lowest are to be interpreted as a function of frequency (vibration) and not as moral concepts. This statement leads to the conclusion that everything that exists is only energy in some form of existence. In short Energy and Spirit is to be explained within the possibilities of Mother Earth. Spirit is the all-incorporated Creation, or better The Ultimate Source or “simply” God, The Father or any other Name that reflects this belief. We should realise that we can only think “dualistically”, painting pictures according to our own patterns and frameworks that are familiar to us. You could compare Creation with an unlimited quantity of energy-fields, partly enshrined in matter that we can perceive. This picture is clarified with giving the example of a radio. The various wavelengths represent the various possibilities to tune-in on the various broadcasts.


All these kinds of frequency (vibration)-waves are whirling through the air, but do not mix. If we put the radio on a certain frequency (vibration), a broadcasting station, we can receive the broadcasting very clear, providing we are within the radius. The other broadcasting-stations cannot be received either, because we are not tuned into these. If we change the tuning, we are able to receive another station. Just one, because also being tuned into another would create dissonance. The human being is a receptor in tune with a certain frequency (vibration). This might be a local Zeitgeist or the present “universal” world-view. We are getting dependent (might even be enslaved) upon the “broadcasting-station” we tune into and resonate accordingly. If we change the tuning, the resonance also changes.


Life nowadays in modern world is having the same effect. Even if you can achieve through exercises the alteration of your brain-frequency (vibration) and arrive at another frequency (vibration), the same thing happens. This might be the result of exercises or taking some kind of drugs or even a change of diet such as becoming a vegetarian. All these cases are not necessarily a better way of life or belief than the previous method or belief. The person led by his own perception will come to self-realisation or that so longed for “enlightenment”. He might be as much a dreamer as someone who is a pragmatist, with both feet on the ground. The unfolding of theories of what a happy and fortunate world should be like, may take a person easily into a dream world. Many means of support, active (drugs) and passive, can be called upon.


We live in a certain receptive frequency (vibration). We can only understand, observe and dream about what is within this frequency (vibration). What is beyond (in another frequency) we have no idea and can only dream about. This dreaming is only based upon the knowledge and insight that is within our being. To state this universal truth will be very disenchanting for a lot of people, because our idea of Creation is drenched in emotional sentiment and wishful thinking.


The shroud that causes our restrictions is, however becoming increasingly transparent. We are confronted with events previously beyond our scope and we judge these on basis of our present knowledge. We are starting to incorporate these events into our present knowledge, thinking they belong to our frequency (vibration). The course of evolution of the human being proceeds at a low pace because we are constantly misdirected and distracted by our own judgement. We meander and stray and of course it takes time for us to realise this.


We are corrected, sometimes very harshly; think of the Flood as mentioned in the world¢s many sacred books. We are not alone, but we have very little trust in our Celestial Beings working for Oneness. They are prepared to help us though not on our conditions. If only we realised that an overall plan exists, Gods Plan. We should recognise that doing our own choice is not the way, but that we have to be led. If we do not want that, we shall be corrected and re-corrected many times over. We shall learn the hard way. These corrections will take place in many ways. The Planetary Hierarchy, God¢s Executive Council is standing by, for the benefit of Wholeness, to protect all living creatures on our Planet.


This Council¢s Name is The Planetary Hierarchy, and not The White Brotherhood. The Latter is a dualistic denomination indicating there must be also The Black Brotherhood.

The Dutch government is appointed for good and bad people and The Planetary Hierarchy is meant in the same way. There can be no uncertainty about Their Existence, doing what has to be done for the well-being of the entirety of our Creation and not just for the benefit of mankind.

This Planetary Hierarchy has a difficult task cooperating with human beings, because we are so strongly ego-centred and unpredictable. The majority of people are mostly seeking self-glorification and their own narrow self-interest. Will this task be benefiting, when, where and how. The sooner the better. The word “love” in this case is not interpreted as Universal Love. Love is then used as a catalyst to achieve a personal goal.


The Planetary Hierarchy cannot and will not impose anything on us, because our free will should be respected within the most marginal expression. If people elect to live by free will they will also have to accept the consequences, for the results laid down into karma that will be brought about. Only then The Universal Laws can be maintained that work for the benefit of Oneness. People clash very often with these Laws, because these Laws are very often contrary to the principles and results of selfish actions. The famous story of The Flood or Fall, might only be understood when man realises he has overstepped the limits of Gods Law. Creation could only be redeemed through total extinction, save the creatures needed for a new beginning. A New Beginning will always come about. This is the only kind of true love, a love that implies total unselfishness.


These Guiding Beings of our creation are regularly giving us stimulus on basis of manifestations and laser-like beams of light. The possibilities for a higher consciousness for the creatures in our world are energised. Many known manifestations exist (in the present and the past) out of which a world-religion originated. These manifestations were executed in total silence. This had to be done and will also continue in the future. In this, Orion plays a dominating role, and a fair share of the crop-circles are the result. Various astrological formations also play an important role through their radiation onto people and other living beings. The Harmonic Convergence is a famous example.


When people start to read about these events and using these within existing reasoning, this will bring him into the world of maya or illusion (part truth). This should not be understood as being not true. Because of the Law of Cause and Effect, these “partial truths” can play an important role. Within this frequency(vibration), mankind is still living and creating his own reality. Events within that frequency seem to be universal, but are not.


The sub-consciousness might also take care to enforce this “reality” for this person. In order to be able to make it understandable, explanations are restricted to our “part of

Creation”. Do not forget that this part is fully susceptible to the radiation for The Whole of Creation and vice versa.


The dictum “All is One, and One is All” remains effectively in force. You cannot turn this around by saying “One is All, and therefore All is One. This would mean that man-could change the basis of Creation and that would be a contradiction to the afore-mentioned statements. The famous sentence “I am one drop in the Ocean” is totally irrelevant. There are no drops in the Ocean, there is only the Ocean. If there is a drop, it is separated from the Ocean.


We think like that because we are dualistic people, and ruled by the laws of our thinking patterns. We have a “burning” need for this individuality and “Not my will, but Thy Will shall prevail” is fully ignored. A small sketch will give you clearly an idea of these statements, and in what way Creation is materialised through the Will of God on Planet Earth.


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