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The Concept of Life on Mother Earth




The atmosphere, shield and membrane for all earth life.

Filter for allowing photosynthesis to happen.

Mankind, shield and membrane for spiritual life on earth.

filter for spiritual energy to earth through the 64 Lightprayers and walking acupuncture needle.



On the drawing, it looks like the Ultimate Source - being radiator - is separated, but please understand that everything is interconnected. There are two reflections being the physical sun and the spiritual sun.

The physical sun is radiating her rays of light throughout space. In space, light is dark and consists of our day(light) and night(light) – the dualistic version - in harmony. It is raying “down”, a temperature of minus 273 degrees centigrade and arriving at the atmosphere of Mother Earth. Something incredible happens. The rhythm of day and night (dualism) is born because Mother Earth is spinning around our physical life-giver The Sun. The sunrays are penetrating into the atmosphere.


This is acting like a membrane filtering all the rays that can harm the creatures living on this Planet, thus creating special life-conditions. These are not only

life-conditions for the known and visible living-beings, but also for the non-visible ones, like the Devas who cooperate with us to make the photo-synthesis of life possible.

Within certain temperature-fluctuations (in between minus/plus 70 centigrade) and a certain air-composition, these specific conditions allow life as we know it, to be born. This physical shape consists of 4 basic-elements creating our DNA. This process is necessary having a body to accommodate the soul. This is immanent for living on Mother Earth, both for visible and invisible beings.  


The human being seems to dominate this world of life, but should instead open up (surrender) and become a bridge for the Universal Intent. In other frequencies(vibrations) the same process is happening and we have no idea. The last few years the curtain of transparency is getting more lucent resulting into manifestations we cannot explain with our present knowledge. There are many creations around us. We, by some “coincidence”, are observing uncommon events and we like to explain these solely on our “brain-knowledge”. The atmosphere of Mother Earth creates very special conditions to allow our life-span, physically.


The other reflection, The Spiritual Sun, might be called Christ or Buddhist-Consciousness or Force. Also other words or names could apply as long as they represent the Force of Unity in Gods Name, like Elohim or Planetary Hierarchy. Ever since the manifestation of Melchisedeck, many Messengers (known) have brought impulses to Mother Earth out of which the World-religions were established. There were, however, also many unknown Messengers.


These impulses were injected in order to increase the frequency(vibration) enabling man to acquire a “higher” Consciousness. Since man did not see these manifestations as universal and adapted these to local needs. The various world-religions were founded and grew dogmatic. Various godheads were created connected with nationalism, race or culture. Not the acceptance that there is only Oneness, whatever Name the Godhead was given. Separatism flourished and brought our Planet into a situation of hopelessness. We should understand that there is only Wholeness and that the rest is just human talk. Our own interest is a very decisive fact and most of all, economic advantage is. God, Our Father is indivisible and all living creatures have the same corresponding rights. They are entitled to these, each on their own level.


The “instrumental or serving” position of man towards Wholeness barely exists and the lack of it has caused an incredible disturbance on Planet Earth. This result we can see and feel in our daily life and causes a lot of uncertainty in our being. The Spiritual/Planetary Hierarchy continues to send Messengers and will keep on doing so because of Universal Love. They will lead all creatures on Planet Earth that are sincerely asking for guidance towards The Ultimate Source, or The Kingdom of Heaven.


The Prophesy, “ Nobody enters this Kingdom but through Me” is not meant by Jesus being a human being, but being a Messenger (Part) of The Christ/Buddhist Consciousness or Force. He would have never been able to do what He did, if many other Celestial Beings would not have made the necessary preparations. This Bridge of Light in Unity would take us from the astral world we live in (dualistic) into the World of Wholeness. The astral plane or paranormal world we live in is not something bad, but just being a frequency(vibration) from where we go –when the time is there - into the World of Wholeness. This frequency(vibration) is higher and the beginning of a total new “existence” on the endless spiral of evolution. Then and only then, there will be Synthesis.


Through ages of time. Man was addressing himself to God or whatever Name you like to call this Oneness, through emotional prayer. This prayer was mostly a request for help or assistance for oneself or family to get a “better” life or to be healed or cured in this life. This type of prayer was mostly concerned with the situation in the present life where death plays a frightful, but unavoidable part. Nobody wants to die, we want to live and when this life has gone by, we want eternal life. This is the way it has been promised to us.


There is however, something much more substantial and of great importance that could not be understood. This was and is manifested in all Holy Books, like the Bible and Other Scriptures. In preparation of the time to come man should be subjected to evolution. Prayer has become in our days a way of expressing our desire and God should live up to His Promises and give us what we ask for. He has prophesied so.

A different way of praying has been brought to the Earth laid down in the 64 Lightprayers, consisting of various combinations.


These prayers are not a request for the benefit of man only but also a possibility to bring energy to this Planet Earth. This will cause change in His Name. The actual doing of these prayers will elevate mankind into instrumental beings committed to Wholeness and working only for the Totality of Creation. The human being doing so, will become an “acupuncture-needle” in the Hands of The Spiritual Leaders in The Name of Unity.

These prayers will be done solely through the intermediary of The Ultimate Source where darkness (night, negative) and (positive, day) light are fully integrated into Oneness. These prayers are done exclusively through the speed of Light. The individual should exercise this intensely before being able to meet.


God, Our Father, has created everything in Wholeness, but human beings, creatures in evolutionary development, bound by their inner-restrictions, have realised a dualistic, dogmatised world in matter and spirit. This being (see drawing), is an incarnated soul into Mother Earth Matter (Deva-energy or generally called body). It will become the effective, committed instrument in the “Hands” of the Planetary Hierarchy out of his free will and to be the connection on Mother Earth. He will radiate out this force of Unity for everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible.


We have to understand that one step leads to the other into perpetuity and one living creature should show respect and dignity to the next one. Man cannot ignore this principle and should not manipulate these creatures. He should serve at Gods Mercy being an instrument forever. The Planetary Hierarchy needs willing people like these to be able to send this Force to Planet Earth.

This is the way everybody is able to walk this path within the restrictions of his DNA gene structure, the key that his soul has laid down into matter. This way is different for everybody, but it is still the way through Universal Love and Attraction by The Father on basis of The Law of Magnetism. As a nail is attracted by a magnet straight on, likewise we are attracted by The Father.

Our DNA is our resistance-catalyst making everybody¢s way a unique way, because everybody¢s DNA is different.


We now live in a world we have created and just our universal devotion is our way out. Submission to the Ultimate Source through action is reaction. We are heavily distracted, and each single individual shall or have to confront himself to decide to go the way through God¢s Mercy. This way is offered by the Lightprayers, not a surrender to some human individual but to the Ultimate Source through the Planetary Hierarchy being an instrument. Not in an emotional way, but because of confrontation where Unity in His Name can lead us.


If we decide to commit ourselves in that way, gradually and very slowly the real reason for our being here will be shown to us. Our inside knowledge will tell us which task we have to fulfil in being here. Our own experience will be that Mother Earth is a living Creature and not a heap of clay and stones we can use and misuse at random. If we choose not to do so we have a free will – we shall continue to pollute and contaminate Our Mother who gave us life.


The result will be that we shall just perish because of this behaviour. The Living Earth will more and more make us understand that we are part of Her. Our body is earth-matter (Deva-energy) made through Creative Power in His Name. We shall discover that Planet Earth is created like us and has a very complicated life-system of which we know so little about. The energy-lines or Leylines are the most well-known and along these lines, energies are transported. We shall discover that Earth is a living Creature like mankind, but of a much greater importance in the total energy-system of this Creation. We must understand this is far beyond our present comprehension.


We can only judge the importance on basis of our restricted pattern of thinking. We should be liable to experiences widening our view very slowly but definitely. We shall get to know Mother Earth gradually and shall discover similar creatures like us that our presently beyond our perception.

Opening the third eye in connection with our “receptor”, the “Fonticulus(Fontanel)”, we shall move into another wavelength and discover other beings. We shall be able to communicate. On certain points of the Leylines it is easy to experience other realities because of other frequency(vibration)-resonance fields.


This might lead us into the world of Maya and consciously wanting to go this way it will just lead to illusion and will distract us.

It is good to know that this exists but it is not the principal motivation for our being here.

To unite Heaven(Soul) and Earth(Body) into one frequency(vibration) will bring us out of the world of maya. The world of maya seems highly attractive and very, very interesting for human understanding and insight. In this world of make believe where “so-called” promises are made, you need to have a very strong faith to be able to resist our curiosity for advantageous journeys of this kind.


Nevertheless, how highly interesting the experiences in this maya world shall be, the human destiny should just continue going straight on back to the Source. You will experiences these adventures from time to time. Just go on and let these events not interfere with the results .This transformation process is on basis of “ not my will but Thy Will shall prevail”. We have come to Mother Earth to unite and Our Father will lead us and help us to remember why we are here .


This is an old and a long-lasting wisdom. Very real in this time, where belief is blocked by maya. Old Wisdom is called new, and called New Age. Old Wisdom wrapped in a new casing of glitter and fantasy, more powerful than ever because the energy-frequency(vibration) is more powerful than ever.


This is the speciality of this time and this very moment.

This time is a very special time and to a certain extent you might call a “final-phase” time. This does not mean the end, because there is always a new beginning. If we think in terminology like end, we create fear because we think we shall loose what we have “achieved”. There is most certainly no truth in that. If we allow The Father to lead us, we shall be taken into places we have to go. Principally that can be anywhere, and there will be no fear under His guidance. That is the basic message – the pit(stone) – of this time laid down in The Pyramid of Gizeh and in the Mystic Calendar of The Mayas.


These messages are in accordance with each other and some insight knowledge might be welcome.. The Pyramid of Cheops has been built in order to have people understand that Mother Earth represents a living entity. Part of Her History is enshrined in stone(the frequency/vibration of stone).

This memorial column was constructed on a locality carefully chosen and determined on basis of dowsing (interference of leylines) and equal quantity of earth areas on all four sides. The construction is earthquake-proof.


Together with the two smaller Pyramids this is the Centre of the Star sign Orion. The locations of the other “Parts of Orion” are also represented by Pyramids in The Bermuda Triangle, Brazil, China and The South Seas (Land of Mu). The coordinate systems are known and they form this Starsign of Orion manifested in Stone on Planet Earth. The sign is known but there is very little known about the results of radiation on Planet Earth.


Nowadays people are concentrating on The Pleiades and Sirius but not on Orion. Radiation is becoming stronger and stronger and noticeable on our life-support-systems. This will, however, increase further through the years.

Do we have any idea what this monument is and why this is built in the centre of Planet Earth. Just a construction of stones put together by a Super master-builder who had the wish to show that He was far ahead of His time. Even in our days, it is still very doubtful whether we could – in spite of all our present technology – build such a monument. Or could the significance be of a total different calibre. A bracket in time showing how man’s history will be unless the human being will come to his senses and accept a different view on life in His Name.


It is clear that this Pyramid has been built to face the North Star. This is not uncommon; many known Monuments are built like that. Gradually, this Monument is opening up and people are starting to understand that it is not just a construction. Some of the hidden secrets are coming now into our consciousness. Scientists found out that the constructional details are a puzzle of sizes. The way the corridors are laid out in symmetry makes the idea acceptable that length and size of these corridors and earth-time are corresponding on a certain basis with each other.


It is possible to create a timetable in years, known by very few people since the construction. Nostrodamus was probably one of them. According to this timetable, certain unforgettable things have happened and will happen again. Mankind has to change their thinking-patterns creating pollution and disturbances on Earth. This timetable runs out on December 2012. In August 1987 we entered the last cycle. This cycle is dedicated towards transformation during a period of 25 years. In this time the Force is there to build a field of morphogenetic energy, strong enough to be able to transform the old fields. This can only be done through working for Wholeness. If this is not done, the time will be passed, the Force gone and there will be a new beginning.

There will always come a new beginning, but we shall not always understand this. Human thinking is not fit to do so. The lay-out of these time-units in this time-table, is related to the codes of The DNA of Creation.


You might understand this if you would encompass all DNA¢s (comparable with computer programmes) and convert it into Oneness. If the outcome is not transformed on Mother Earth, the Force will work itself out and disappear. The corridor-system of Pyramid of Gizeh is similar to the 20 and 13 images of the sacred and secret calendar of the Mayas. If our birth-intent will not be met, the conclusion must be that humanity did not succeed to transform old thinking patterns into new ones. Nothing will change in our world, only the casing or outside cover (wrapping).

Everyday man , being the “highest” ranking on the ladder of the 4 (minerals, plants, animals, human beings) behaves in a certain way creating energy-output towards Mother Earth¢s Ley-lines.

This energy is transported along these lines to the Pyramid of Gizeh, regrouped and collected deep down. This energy-flow consists of our dualistic harmony. We separate this as positive and negative.


An enormous turbulence column of energy, like a spiral, will be the result (double helix). In the morning, when the sun is rising this spiral is radiated out of the top of the Pyramid towards Orion. The top of the Pyramid is different in appearance on the outside. The Pyramid Shape was used because this is the strongest and most effective form to transport energy-flow. This energy is sucked out into the air and radiated towards Orion. The Planetary Hierarchy receives this spiral and are analysing how much Mother Earth has progressed on the path towards Unity. The human being plays an important part being the “highest” in ranking in our part of Creation. This Wholeness seems so far away, because man is holding on to his own individual identity. Mother Earth plays a very important part in the Total of Creation.


The Planetary Hierarchy knows Planet Earth needs help and assistance and help through energy-shots (laser-injections coming from Orion) into those parts of the Leylines mostly needed. Crop-circles are created to show humanity, imprisoned in his drive for individuality, that there is more than the brain can understand.

The birth-intention is that receiving is giving (radiating out) to Mother Earth (Oneness). Man is specially created for this purpose, but and should act out of own free will. He cannot or shall not be forced or manipulated to operate accordingly by these Lightbeings working for Oneness.


No Celestial Messenger always working solely for Wholeness, will force any being having a free will, to act against his own choice. Only when it is of vital importance and Unity or Free Will of other beings are at stake, they will act. If this would not be the case the basic conditions of free will and evolution would be jeopardized and enslavement would be the result.

It would destroy completely the Impulse of this Creation. Every individual or Lightbeing not acting correspondingly manipulates and creates results on basis of fear and lack of confidence in His Name. If The Ultimate Source were to jeopardize this principle, evolution would be set back for thousands of years.

Light of Wholeness transforms accordingly and is the message of our time. We just have to believe and act accordingly. This is what The Shield of Light is all about, transforming the DNA of Creation. This is the reason why there are 64 Lightprayers because 4x4x4=64 (4 is the representation of the 4 substances in DNA and the application is within the creation of body, soul and spirit (trinity). More information will be available about the blockages created by maya in this book.


It is clear that everything is subject to maya, being the result of the interpretation of mankind. The actual doing of the Lightprayers in His Name through the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ- or Buddhist Force) will transform this “maya-being” into a being that will intuitively know.

There is but one Law to be recognised, “not my will, but Thy Will shall prevail” effectively in behaving and acting. A major battle in the inner-self of human beings will be the result to “avoid and block” maya. It is easy and difficult at the same time. A lot of inner-stability and inner-confidence in His Name is needed.  


Our Pre-Stage Evolution

If we want to understand what is our position and what are our living-circumstances are, we shall have to remind the fact that we consist of three different frequencies(vibrations). These frequencies(vibrations) (vibrations) are for every individual very different. That will lead us in understanding Trinity: body, soul and spirit.

The Body is matter of a certain frequency(vibration) highly connected to Mother Earth. The Soul is a matter of a higher frequency(vibration). It is not the intention to give a vast description of the soul since in much literature many different opinions have been given


The only thing we have to realise is that in these descriptions various patterns of human projection have been laid down in harmony with consciousness and time-spirit. This is the most fundamental idea to the most fundamental interpretation of reincarnation. The soul is our eternal identity in everlasting life, manifesting itself in earth-matter. In former times, civilizations considered this as being in prison. Nowadays we are starting to realise that this manifesting is done out of free choice. To do what has to be done in the course of evolution. It is a free imprisonment, surrender to earth conditions but most important of all, surrender to the birth-intent. Every soul has a certain intensity of radiation, enshrined in the body being earth matter, according to an individual pattern. That is why the code of DNA is different for everybody.


The soul is a “being” of a higher frequency(vibration) entering the earth atmosphere and incarnating into this body and writing the codes according to this individual pattern. Obviously you could say that the soul through various incarnations has obtained this frequency(vibration), which we call “spiritual development”. The body is earth matter. This is a frequency(vibration) of a different hierarchy called Deva-energy. The soul has to learn to live in symbiosis. These two” beings”, belonging to a different Hierarchy, are coming now into our consciousness.


Then Spirit. Spirit is the all-embracing Creation of energies in an unlimited variety of frequencies(vibrations)(vibrations). In our body we have a receiving aerial, connected directly with the Ultimate Source. The self is manifested through this antenna, “ The Fonticulus(Fontanel)”, the place in earlier days on the head, monks cleared of hair.

There are many interpretations about the self and one is that we cover this spot if we want to stay in the existing (often dogmatised) energy-impulse. Then, we are not prepared to receive directly new “information” from the Source. This knowledge, being human interpretation becomes dogmatised and ruled by maya. This will lead to “clerical dogmas” and consequently to human-controlled truth in “His Name”.

This is what you are and there will be no change. The fear to loose might be the most extreme fear, humans have.

The “insight” into The Universe should teach us that everything is change and that holding on to old ways will keep new experiences and new values away. The actual creation of these new values is only possible by transformation of the old ways in His name. The old ways are in the new way. The transformation will become totally unique. Like the old ways were totally unique in their time.

Only through thinking in energy-frequency(vibration), the human being is capable to understand. In the spiralling Force of evolution the new seed is in the top of the spiral. The new way of consciousness is growing out of this. You might understand now that the human being has and is the three frequencies(vibrations). We can tune into each one of these separately, or understand that there is only Wholeness in Creation through Submission to God¢s Mercy.


To “accomplish” Wholeness in this way in this life is only possible to work for the Total of Creation. This is our birth-intent. In other world-religions and spiritual movements, certain interpretations are given that are clearly recognisable. You should understand what the actual imprisonment in maya is. This frequency(vibration) in which Our present life is lived in this frequency(vibration) and is subject to the possibility of restrictions of understanding. To understand the events and manifestations we might accept as so-called miracles of God.


We live on this astral or paranormal level or frequency(vibration). Talking about this frequency, you might interpret this as God¢s Force applicable within a certain restrictive understanding. That is what reincarnation is like. Humanly speaking, we have the opportunity and the possibility to understand these restrictions because of the way we are created. Recognising and transforming this might take many lives or a “split second”. Only God knows.


Then we have the frequency(vibration) of the soul enshrined in earth-matter. If we succeed to contact this soul through meditation, different ideas and other realities will be the result of this in our life. Unfortunately and unavoidable these supplements will be interpreted and ruled by the brain. Consequence will be a sort of compromise between the two realities. We overlook the fact that our soul is just a developing aspect of 100% spirituality. It is unable to understand fully the Wholeness of Creation. The inner-pilot flame is only capable to lead us into God¢s Mercy on basis of Thy Will is Law.


Our free will makes thoughts arise in us like I am living here and God is there, He cannot dictate these laws, because we know better being in this realm. This is the basic concept of Luciferan Power. Undoubtedly you will realise that man is in utmost turbulence and hesitance, because the energy-radiation now is enormous.

The spiral of developing transformations in our society and the disappearing restrictions baffles us and we do not know anymore where to hold on to. A painful process might be ahead. You might be able to imagine that our days are the final result of a certain time-mechanism of Transformation. This is causing great turbulence in our daily life. The confrontation of the various forces are as follows:

a.      Earth-restricted Science, and

b.     The Soul-Knowledge of the 7-Spheres, and

c.      The Paranormal or Astral forces, and

d.     The Deepest Godly Feeling embedded in us, The Self.


Only The Self and not Self-Realisation, will be able to lead us out of this turbulence into The Light of Oneness through universal submissive devotion.

Giving up fear created by the religious institutions and transforming this into Eternal Love and Respect for everything that lives and grows. The present day mainstream seems to be that people are turning (deep inside their hearts) away, more and more from the scientific manifestation of our society (although the impact of science seems to get stronger and stronger on the outside).


Although this is highly recommendable, danger through arrogance is around the corner. We might think we know what Creation is all about and that we can handle and control this. By bringing the Understanding of Creation to our Realm we live in compromise with Earth and The 7-Spheres. Although this bears in itself quick results, it will create border-phenomenon, and developing new ones. Certain forces or (better)powers will as a result, start to control and enslave our society. These will lead us into surrender to our own “perfectionism and rightness”.


This astral realm is very tempting and we might be “overpowered” by the thought that we do not have to do anything but “just” surrender (to what?) and our problems will be solved..

Many movements within the spiritual realm are preaching that we just have to improve the radiation of our soul or light-body. May be this has ever been the interpretation of spiritual development. In the present stage of evolution into which we are now reincarnated, this self-realisation means separation of The Wholeness of Evolution of Creation. When we would act like that, many worlds will be the result. Our own personal world, in which our own thoughts and acts are interwoven, separated from the remaining.


The realm, we physically live in and war will be the result. This is the explanation for the turbulence in our time both on our personal level and in the world. To these thinking patterns based upon our own “being absolutely right” idea, there should be added that we might be wrong. Our opinion is only based upon our possibility of our restrictive thinking or on (personal) facts that might just give an insight and can easily be wrong interpreted:

a.      Science is the most well-known example of this

b.     Maya is a favourite and very prominent example too.

a.      You will be confused because you might think you know what the soul is all about and what basically is the task that has to be fulfilled in this realm

b.     Self-delusion and illusion that is the result of drugs or contacting entities in another realm leading to addiction or even to being enslaved.


Quite a few people try to be cured through these methods in this life. Only through direct confrontation one might escape from these methods and will come to the realityof this life. We think we know what is God¢s Plan for this world and many so-called insiders talk about having insight into the Akasha and pretend to be able to recite directly. Most of them overlook the fact that the Akasha might have two “realities”, one out of the astral realm of which we recite 99.9% and the Universal Akasha which is Creation itself.


An example might be useful to understand this difference:


Jesus being the most well known “benefactor” in the history of the Western World gave His Life and is nowadays portrayed as a most loving man. In pictures (if at all possible) or otherwise He is the best example of what love on human level is all about. In many stories His Love for Humanity and His Peaceful Behaviour is recited. One easily forgets that in His time He had hardly any believers in His Task and when He was nailed to The Cross, there were very few spectators who mourned or even tried to stop this execution. Not speaking of the fact that when people had to choose who had to be saved they choose somebody else. He was not loved in His Time and if He would appear today (in another form), the same thing probably would happen).


The institution has transformed this Universal Behaviour in His Time into an understandable and loveable Being on the human realm. They have done so in order to be able to attract many followers for the institution. They know that love for yourself like embedded in our restrictive thinking pattern plays the decisive role and creates a very comfortable and convenient feeling.

The loveable Man to follow is astral, Universal Man is confrontation mostly within us. Within the world that we have created “less important” living creatures are used and treated as products and/or second and third class beings.


Who loves a person who apparently contradicts the so-called (accepted) positive way, very often convenient in society? The cosmic Akasha is beyond our understanding. We have no clue being in this realm, what actually life is all about. We live in an impulse or frequency(vibration) laid down into Deva-energy ( body or so-called carrying body) connected to this time and day. This is the rhythm of our time. Could it be, this has already happened many times before, in another frequency(vibration) and in another matter?


Our DNA-code contains four substances. These might have been different in the past resulting into another manifestation of life. If you do not exclude this possibility, other living beings might be in existence, not only on Mother Earth but in The Whole of The Universe of which we are just part. You could call these parallel-worlds and it might explain various observations of unexplained phenomenal events.


Some people might be able to observe because their frequency(vibration) of receptivity changes. They will be able to receive another frequency(vibration) which normally lies beyond their possibility. Like the receptivity to read the Akasha, it might unexpectedly happen to you. Groups of people are training to change this frequency(vibration) of receptivity and their members will be able to receive a different frequency(vibration). That is what they think . The result mostly is projection of their own will to see. In this manifestation their imaginative power is creating the picture restricted by the possibility of their own consciousness. Almost all forms of channelling and other suggestive forms of prophesy are based upon this human wilful thinking.


You can be influenced very quickly by this “inner-desire” for prophesy and easily switch over to the world of maya: You think you experience something extraordinarily but it is only your own projection. If the same people are having these type of events, it will result in a heap of repetitive stereotype citations. Depending upon the self-knowledge of the individual for some people it might not so easy to trace.


There is no doubt that we are living in a special time. Through the extreme force ruling our world at the moment we are made understood that we are not the only ones living on this planet. We also have to consider our efforts not being harmful in another frequency(vibration) by using forces that are uncontrollable. For example, a detonation of an atomic bomb is experienced as a sort of shockwave in another frequency(vibration) and possibly harming the beings there. This applies for our Planet Mother Earth and our whole Universe.


In this time we shall start to understand and also receive signs that other life forms exist beside the ones we know. The history of Mother Earth has known many forms of life out of which other forms or manifestations of life resulted. All over the world we find unexplained signs. Our scientists try to explain these within the conformity of the knowledge of the university where they received their brain-education.

It is very likely that the History of our Planet is totally different to this knowledge. Our scientists might have created a maya interpretation.

In many “ Holy Books” like The Bible, Popol Vuh, Bhagad Gita and other Scriptures, myths or legends, The Flood is mentioned wiping out the existing civilisation. Our Father always let us know that His Love guarantees a New Beginning. This Universal and Eternal Love should be the foundation of our Society and Evolution.


In our time, very little understanding and acceptance for this type of love exists.

We like to stick to our “warm” love (the love we experience in the womb, where we are sheltered and prepared for the new experiences, the reason for our reincarnation ), and our own self-rightness. A very popular saying is ” I have a free will and can do what I want, because God loves me the way I am”. If we shall not submit ourselves nothing will change and the karmic cycle will stay in effect. We shall have to face this confrontational position, the sooner the better.


This should be the confrontation of this time.




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