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Fields of Energy, morphogenetic Resonance




If we indeed decide to start working on this confrontation, we shall have to face the consequences of the past. Many barriers of energy are the result of this past. As already explained, in order to come to life on Planet Earth, an energy-field like our soul is needed to create life as we know it, an unavoidable need. If an human individual ( trinity: body, soul and spirit or self ) is on Planet Earth, the general accepted guidance will come through the so-called reality. This reality is interpreted by the brain, human-intuition or a general accepted combination of both.


The phenomenon appears and this man develops certain thinking and behaviour patterns, a certain field of energy of morphicresonance will be created.

In spiritual circles, it has been known for hundreds of years, man is a creator of energy-fields. Old chronicles mention this. In nowadays¢ science this is more or less confirmed.

You might say, the living creatures – also animals and plants have this potential – have created numerous fields of energy around our globe. What we call among people culture, is based upon this principle. Actually, our history is laid down in energy-patterns, which are mostly invisible by the commoners. Animals have different observing possibilities. These are much more susceptible for this manifestation.


Nationalism is a clear example. Quite a few more examples could be mentioned. In almost any country, regardless of the sometimes existing dramatic living conditions, the feeling that you should be proud of your motherland, is brought into man through “mother’s milk”. Adding the numerous other stimulating objects like flag, national anthem and language – just to mention a few – will result in a strong nationalistic energy-field. Through manifestations from time to time, this field will enclose and “dictate” a native region or land. The more people live in a certain country, the stronger the field will become. Even more so, when these people artificially are made conscious of these feelings.


 If you would cross the border of one country going into another, you will notice the manifestation. You are crossing the line of one field going into another. If you would stay in this morphogenetic resonance field for a longer period, you will be influenced by the radiation, whether you are aware or not. There will be no dramatic quick change – depending upon your personal unconscious resistance – but you will definitely change.

Imagine that all these living creatures basically separate God¢s Creation, which is Wholeness. These fields will stay there “forever” unless we realise that there is but One God and we start acting and behaving like that. Then, a new energy-field of morphicresonance will be the result and when the time is there – and this energy-field is strong enough – this energy-field of Wholeness will transform all other fields and karma will be cleared away from our Planet and us. It sounds easier than it is. Humans are lead mostly by their feelings. They support separation amongst others by erecting monuments, or memory-celebrations and the result is that these fields are fortified. and getting stronger every day.

Memorial services might have quite a different impact than we think. When people come together for commemorating old experiences, they strengthen these fields. The experience can be very traumatic. These energy-fields might manifest again in another time and another place. So instead the fact that we are getting rid of the experiences, we contribute upholding their effect on human behaviour.


In choosing new life on Planet Earth, a soul embedded in the body through DNA will face the sum of the total of all previous lives in personal karma and will have to work on transformation of the Total of Creation. Human interference in spiritual matters through regression (going back to passed lives) can be very misleading. Life-experiences in a certain time will be interpreted in separation and not in connection with the other lives that are embedded in this life. There is no consideration for the difference in “Zeitgeist” in the various lives compared to these in our present consciousness. This might cause a lot of turbulence. The possibility that the person concerned is a victim of projection might not be excluded. All the world¢s a stage, Shakespeare said, and it might just be the case, when humans think they understand when they do not !!!!


The old, the present and the new experiences are all interwoven beyond our understanding. When our view is changing on life, our comprehension will also change and we might start to understand that we are just part of Wholeness. Our personal drive for knowledge about ourselves is maya. We are people in progress to surrender at God¢s Mercy, back to the Source of which we are part. An endless spiralling experience. The old is absorbed in the new and becomes the old and will be absorbed again in the new.


Impulses from the Ultimate Source will continue till the end of times building up trust that there always will be a new beginning. Mother Earth is surrounded by numerous fields of energy, morphogenetic fields of resonance. These were created since the beginning of time, fluctuating in power. Receptivity of people will cause (from time to time), when they have “opened” up that experiences of the older times will be visualised in reality in this life. This might happen especially in places where these fields are extraordinary powerful. A very renowned place is the Pyramid of Gizeh, where people are spiritually motivated and stimulated. Like a radio or television-receiver they will receive feelings of insight of another time. It is not necessarily so, that these experiences are their personal ones from older times, they are just receiving these like you go to a movie or switch your television-set on. Quite an important change of life-style can be the result of thinking you were somebody, but you actually were not.



Situation of the Morphogenetic Fields

of Resonance around Mother Earth



Stories are brought into our world of the many times incarnated famous Pharaoh Ramses or Emperor Napoleon, or many other famous people out of the past. They created quite a formidable morphicgenetic energy-field. Solely because many people in their days worked or behaved or thought about these people, willingly or unwillingly, in their actual life.

Common people are not so often visualised because their energy- fields are very weak, hardly existing. The presentation of books and films is certainly helping to fortify the power of certain morphogenetic fields. For this reason it is sometimes very hard to judge whether an experience of somebody is projection or actually witnessed in reality.

It is utterly difficult to distinguish and split “reality from fiction”.


Generally speaking man has created many fields of morphogenetic energy existing of cultural-patterns or otherwise. For this reason it is very hard to break certain thinking-patterns or customary behaviour. To start new ones, or even to escape the influence of these invisible rays radiating out on all living creatures is a formidable task. You need a fabulous willpower of even an almost superhuman force.


The conviction that the only way to transform these fields of energy, is with the Help of God¢s Power through the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness). To build a morphogenetic field in His Name all over The World, not in any way connected to culture, race, gender, but to Wholeness in His Name for everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible.

When this field has become powerful enough through the unselfish dedication of humans all over the world, all other fields will be attracted and absorbed by this field of Unity. Our Planet Earth will be freed of all blockades.


Then and only then, there will be a new world and a new beginning.


Apparently man is the only one, capable to perform this, but nothing is more untrue. All living creatures, visible and invisible are able to do this within their specific possibilities. That is why the human race cannot be the judge of what is right or wrong or how we should treat Mother Earth.


Man shall have to realise that he is only part of God¢s Plan in His Creation.



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