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Mankind has the possibility to tune into many “sources of broadcast” belonging to our Creation. All these sources tell their truths, that might be a part or a manipulative infusion of the real Truth. It is very hard for us to judge since we do not know that absolute Truth nor we have any idea what it is all about.


Of what origin or making are these so-called sources or what might they be?

If you consider giving(sending or broadcasting) and receiving on a spiritual level, you are being subject to frequency(vibration) waves. Some light signal, a certain frequency(vibration) wave, is received by you subconsciously, transmitted from a source. This source transmits and supplies information within the possibility of the existing knowledge or a manipulation. In the spiritual realm of the astral or paranormal world, there are many sources. Just like in the human world we live in, everybody can be a source of certain information, right or wrong.

You might label these sources - originating from the realms of spirit, kingdom of the Dead – so-called entities and so on, who want to bring a certain message into our world, what we call the world of the living.

These transmissions you might classify into two groups:

a.      You acknowledge the Creation of Wholeness, but do what is best in my world

b.     You acknowledge the Creation of Wholeness, and will accept unconditionally the judgement, not my will, but Thy Will prevails.

The first one is a conflict of interest, because you do not really recognize the supremacy of God¢s Will. You are only using it for your own benefit and reality, the second one is total devotion.


In the astral or paranormal realm, both types of transmissions take place. For humans receiving both type of messages, it is very hard to judge. Why, because we are subjected to the same principle and have many self-interests. That is the way we have been created. Just very few people have this special intuition and insight to notice the difference. We still have to be alert to look at the very, very little difference in subtleties, sometimes arising within the two principles.

A human being lives in maya and can only judge accordingly. The only certainty is praying to the Ultimate Source for Guidance. This is to be convinced that you will be guided when you are asking for this and accept what is, that is. It might seem very easy, but the difficulty is in the acceptance.

The spiritual world of maya is transmitting to us all the time, causing instability. This is not always done out of malice. These creatures do not know any better themselves, sometimes.

We talk about the spiritual invisible world and accept too lightly that messages or voices coming from there are always right or should be obeyed. You can compare this with our world, where lots of people have “good advice” but that does not make it always right.

When we want to be sure (within human restriction) we should contact a ”professional” who has studied and experienced this realm and might have with a certain basis of knowledge. In the spiritual world, the same law applies. There is only one professional being the Christ or Buddhist Consciousness. This Planetary Hierarchy informs, guides and leads us, if we permit this, in the Name of The Ultimate Source.


The only Source of Stability, Continuity and Certainty, we can devote ourselves to. If we believe, trust and accept, we shall be sanctified.

In my option, there is just One Source. We can trust their transmissions fully. The only difficulty is, how do we recognise the true origin ( think of maya).

When we really unconditionally believe. When there is no doubt in our mind. When we are not led by our own intentions in any way, the connection is genuine.


When we unconditionally believe in the consistency of the connection, there will be in no way, room for dubiousness. The least doubt will destabilize. Man should be clearly asking - out of free choice - for guidance. This should not downgrade us into enslaved and docile creatures, but to active, obedient, working people. What is good? There can only be one. The Ultimate Source through the Planetary Hierarchy. All other spiritual beings are in progress being a mixture of good and bad, or better positive and negative. Up to you whether you recognize this. Sainthood on human level was created and dogmatised, and as such hardly meets the confrontation of universal demands and God¢s Will.


There are people who act like this type of sainthood and are worshipped. There should be great doubts. The majority of these saints lead a very isolated life, just allowing confidants in their direct vicinity. This is very often the case in dominating spiritual or religious organisations. Why? If they would open up and do no window-dressing, people would recognise the same desires and other very human characteristics where self plays the dominant factor

Transmissions come through two different possibilities of receptivity, via the Fonticulus(Fontanel)¢ aerial (the bald part on top of the head like monks used to have) and through the “third eye” embedded between our eyes (where the nose is implanted). Through the Fonticulus(Fontanel)¢ aerial we receive the new, innovative Force, according to our Zeitgeist. The frequency(vibration) bringing our religious and spiritual standards up to date. This information is based upon the old thinking ways, but in itself, totally new.

The information we get through “the third eye” are old standards that still are with us and have to be transformed. The only new thing about these experiences might be the “refreshing” presentation standards. A major “side-effect” might be the fast uncontrollable attraction and diversion coming from our nostalgic memory-banks. Permanent enslavement in another time and another world might be the result. There are people who think they are living the wrong life in the wrong time being born in the west.


They want to live in the east and move physically back to these still existing areas. They seem not to mind being reincarnated according to the Laws of Karma.


When they are entrapped through nostalgic feelings (and this is in the spiritual world of today very popular, especially by young people), you might state that they reincarnated to experience the new ways. Being in this life on Mother Earth, they choose for the old.


Especially the world of today needs people of stability. Life is not only fulfilment and contentment. Work has to be accomplished to bring and stabilize new thoughts and ways in the Name of Wholeness through the Planetary Hierarchy. There are no participants of the Planetary Hierarchy who would label themselves. It would result into exaggerated devotion by humans and lead into enslavement.

The Fonticulus(Fontanel)¢ aerial will not only obtain information from the Ultimate Source but also from other sources that bring restrictive renewed ideas.

This book gives you an impression and interpretation of the various ways of receptivity.



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