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This is the Wholeness of the Totality of Creation of the Ultimate Source, all embracing and more. A conception we cannot understand in a non-human universal way.

Striving for Wholeness is and always will be, our birth-intent. It is not the interpretation we might comprehend, because unity in a human way of speaking, means equal conditions. Conditions we are familiar with. Conditions we do not understand, are also part of this Unity and there we loose our touch. Striving for this

Wholeness seems to be a hopeless Don-Quixote like action leading to nothing. So people say and think they are realistic. Realistic means looking for compromises to solve problems and not creating utopian thoughts. What is realistic? What do people know what happens on the borderline of life and death? Are we holding on to maya or to the known senses and the acquired information. Are we forgetting we are Energy and Spirit, so indestructible.


Being dualistic, we have no idea what living in Wholeness means. A hypothetical thought to be dealt with in a dualistic three-dimensional way. This restricts and dominates our insight.

In the 11/12th century, paintings were made two-dimensional. Mankind was not able to picture or to “see” the third perspective, depth. Imagine you were living with the mind you have now and able to see three-dimensional, in those days. You would explain to the “painter” his painting was lacking this third perspective.


Result could have been you were declared insane or ended your life burnt at the stake. Our society has not changed much. To be burnt at the stake not any more, but the rest? To comprehend unity and we are dualistic, is not possible. We try to understand and probably making huge mistakes. The thought of Wholeness is very essential within our deeper understanding. We feel this is the purpose of our being on Earth. Striving for peace is just one aspect. Many people make this their life-goal.


They talk dualistic. Very often, without noticing, the words are the same but the thinking patterns are totally different. Only the actual mentioning of the word is then the connection, not the feelings and patterns attached. Conditions how this peace might be obtained are a world apart. Many manifestations are known, like the positive/negative debate. Positive is good, and negative is bad. Positive thinking is the constructive way (of what?) and negative thinking is the destructive one (reality?).


In our present days, we find this classic positive/negative way approach. Quantities of know-it-all people try to teach other people accordingly. It is just the aspirin-effect.

This effect works for individuals until the time reality knocks on the door. Where is the basic relation of this positive/negative thinking? Choosing for one side is rejecting the other side of Creation. Who are we to decide what is right and what is wrong? We are just the result of emotional feelings. Developing a so-called positive thinking pattern about certain circumstances might result into the fact that somewhere else, another so-called positive thinking pattern is developed. The subjects might be paradoxical.

When you start to compare the various patterns, only just the word is the same but the subjective meaning is conflicting. The history of the world teaches us that war is arising because both parties think they are right. A priest in the Name of God blessed both parties. Peace is not the result of rightness; the opposite might be the result.


War is the manifestation of different thinking patterns manifesting in matter on a physical level. The stronger one is right until a “more” stronger one will arise and resists.

This is the record of striving for unity on a human level. Not a very attractive image of humanity, but historical facts leaves little space for another conclusion.

Striving for human unity is maya and we think this is reality.


On Planet Earth, we only can strive for Wholeness in the Name of The Ultimate. In reality, we do not know what we are striving for.

When duality is transformed unity will be a fact. This is called synthesis (amalgamation)

Synthesis means the frequency(vibration) of dualism is transformed into the frequency(vibration) of synthesis. Dualism is a “melted” part of synthesis. To understand this best, the following example might be helpful. A mixture is a mix of ingredients where every ingredient keeps its own characteristics,. A chemical reaction is based upon certain ingredients brought together and through a chemical reaction a total new product is made.


The qualities of the ingredients separately, do not exist anymore. There will be no human being that will be able to “achieve” synthesis within the frequency(vibration) of our earth-realm, uniting matter and soul. Synthesis is outside the earth-realm, and we have no idea what it is or might result into.

You might debate or philosophise about it, dualistic human talk, it will be.

Universal unity is not reachable through human will, but just through surrender to Wholeness. We are all in the process of becoming spiritually and physically to Oneness. Time should not exist in our process of understanding. Submission is the only way to Wholeness.


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