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Free Choice


We are living on the planet of free choice. An indisputable mandate for every individual. This does not mean that the choice is always meeting the Laws of Immanence of Wholeness. This might be the only planet where free choice is permitted and/or tolerated by the Planetary Hierarchy. Is this free choice really in force or only a farce?

It is not a farce because the history of our planet proves otherwise. This free choice created all kinds of styles and movements in the thinking patterns and behaviour of mankind. It created the present situation of Mother Earth. A god-given condition and privilege given to mankind. This can only be abandoned through uninfluenced free will. No power can or should take this away from any individual, unless the interest of Wholeness is at stake. This happened during the Floods.


This does not mean however, that there are no powers in existence who want to use manipulations to enslave individuals. They want to restrict this free choice using this for their own purposes. Many quantities of people on this planet are transferring their free choice to other people, like a guru or an organisation.

These joint together forces of misled people are used to confront other joint together forces, also of misled people. Through many words and rituals, individuals are charmed and enchanted to support a so-called sanctified goal.


In our present society we are noticing many examples of so-called privileged people. They use all kinds of tricks to get followers. Instead, they should point out to people that everybody should pray directly to God, The Father. They use influence of any kind to fulfil the role of mediator. The tide will change. People will be awakened and conclude they have been ridiculed. They will. turn back to the only one truth, surrender to the Ultimate Source and nothing else.

Is there really a free choice? Our choices are always based upon knowledge, experiences and circumstances. There are many mixtures possible. Every individual is influenced through hidden persuaders, morphogenetic fields. In our world we call a lot of decisions, we make, spiritual, but how spiritual are these? Mostly they are based upon emotional facts and influenced by these morphogenetic fields.


In our world, most humans are just a “product-mix” of these mentioned circumstances. They just strive for a longer and happier life.

The availability of numerous methods promising just that, is the enslavement of our time and is poured into us like “milk and butter”. Only the very few can resist these temptations. Stating not to be influenced through advertising is paradoxical, cause and effect is unavoidable.


We can only make choices, we cannot make no “choices”. The powers radiating out in our world are tuned into our thinking-patterns. Nobody can escape these influences, unless you will start living like a hermit totally cut off. This is, in our present world, almost impossible. Knowing that you are influenced without knowing why, is already a reason to cut through the restrictions of our free choice. This is neither a licence nor a permission to go your own way, chaos would be the result.


Although chaos has also a striving for structuralism, individuals should follow the main stream. There is a possibility to transform free choice. This transformation will gradually become clearer and clearer. A human goal is deleted. We shall surrender to circumstances happening to us when the time is there.

This does not imply sinking into apathy but it means banning goals out of our life-system.

Writing this book seems to serve a goal. A goal is a target, but when we take out the control, it might or might not become an uncontrollable stream.

Free choice is the greatest mental blockade we have on Planet Earth. We are always influenced wanting to make the right choice. The confrontation is immense, especially in the field of altruism.

There can be no unselfishness in the dualistic word, because the reaction is unavoidable towards our ego. Since unselfishness is highly regarded by almost everybody, the action-reaction principle will continue and very little change will result in our social surroundings.

The purest form of free choice is our coming to this Planet to transform Universal Karma. We shall have to find out, in this body, that if free choice is in force, chaotic circumstances will occur. The only solution to avoid this, is to give up this free choice and follow the universal stream. This giving up should be not forced. We should accept circumstances for better and for worse. Not my will, but Thy Will prevails.


How many people are saying they honour this principle and are doing the opposite. It might look like we cannot act otherwise. A statement misused through ages of time. It seems to be programmed in our genes. Apparently a great gimmick for abuse. It is used by institutions and individuals for control and manipulation of power over others through so-called information from the Source. Nobody on earth can make a statement knowing God¢s Will.


The Bible tells us that God¢s Home is not made by man and the body is the temple of the soul. Deep down in your deepest inside, you know God¢s Will and nobody needs to tell you otherwise.

This everlasting truth and the inspiration of God is missing in all the institutes. All world-religions emphasize the importance of stone-buildings called temples, churches and mosques radiating out God¢s Will.


These “buildings” controlled by human beings who state they represent God on Earth. The free choice is overpowered and highly restricted by this enormous might.

In our days, initiated by an unknown power, this free choice is stronger then ever before. It creates an “overdose” causing a substantial lack of discipline. Worshipping the free choice, is actually giving man the idea he can sit on God¢s Throne. This is the everlasting and repeating example of being unbalanced. Free choice is mostly going for the total left or right side. It is becoming one way or the other, totally uncontrolled.

It overrules the “golden middle way”, point 0, where both sides are harmonized and no interaction exists.


This point 0 is no compromise but described so often as “ I am”. A compromise would be a compensation of left and right and differences are put behind “closed doors”. After some time these doors will burst open and there will be no compromise anymore. War might be the result. To understand more about Wholeness, we shall have to understand dualism better, the polarities of mankind. We are positive and negative, but not yet in harmony.



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