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This keyword is used in all kinds of meanings. An explanation of this principal is highly recommendable in order to understand the effect of frequency(vibration) and resonance.

In our time-span, we live in the third dimension normally explained like length, width and depth (perspective). A “wider” explanation would be better to understand this in the realm of energy and spirit. Mankind has progressed a long way and in all Holy Books, this process is mentioned. We have arrived into the third dimensional aspect of eternal life. Dimension is a certain field of frequency(vibration).


In this field only certain manifestations are possible. Remember that a human being is a range of frequencies(vibrations) within the third dimension. Only fields of frequency(vibration), we call matter, can be observed with our senses. Our development of evolution is connected to our possibility of receiving and radiating out, called frequency(vibration) and resonance. Our present insight is directly connected to this perspective in the world we live in. Very gradually radiations are being “broadcasted” to us to enlarge this perspective.


During Renaissance, mankind experienced an unusual breakthrough in consciousness, a kind of rebirth. To be able to see consciously, perspective (depth) was exceptional. It took quite some time to develop this “increased” vision. Since those days this perspective is fully integrated in our consciousness. Surely, it changed the world completely. Dimensions are fields of energy within certain frequency(vibration)-ranges. Today we are physically in the third dimension being length, width and depth. Our spiritual world being body, soul and spirit.

You might say that our body consists of earth matter being energy and of a certain frequency(vibration).


Evolution has developed this body into the third dimension. This frequency(vibration) is corresponding to our possibility to receive impulses with our senses. In this world we have made ourselves to the centre-point. To make it clear, the following example might be useful:

A radio has three wavebands, being long, medium and short wave. This radio is equipped to receive broadcasts on 3 wavebands and each waveband has a range of frequencies(vibrations).

If we tune into a certain frequency on a certain waveband we can only receive that special broadcast. The other broadcasts, we are not able to hear. Broadcasts on other wavebands, the radio-receiver is not equipped with. The radio-receiver cannot receive these.


The human possibilities of reception are restricted to the way he was created on earth. Some people who are able to adapt their antenna to receive these broadcasts might receive other physical or spiritual broadcasts.

Most receptions are receivable through changing our brain-patterns into a different frequency(vibration). This is not necessarily leading to reception of “outer-range” broadcasts. The waveband of our third dimension has a range of frequencies(vibrations).


The human being is now in the third dimension and on the brink of a breakthrough to be able to receive a wider range of frequencies(vibrations).

The present possibility of reception is based upon the interchange of the left and right brain directed by patterns of thinking and experiences in our daily lives. The antenna is tuned into the world of today. Therefore, we are only able to receive these broadcasts. Through certain actions, like eating different food, taking drugs, doing exercises and prayers, but also because of explosions or fear, we might change and/or widen the reception-possibilities and we receive the corresponding information.


This information might be based upon projection and could be alien to our present patterns of thinking or consciousness. It might also be coming from another realm. The difference will be very hard to detect.

The reception of broadcasts from a different realm than ours will be based upon different patterns. The only way to understand these is to transform these into patterns of present thinking patterns, mostly pictures being three-dimensional.

This transformation is highly subjective to the present status of consciousness of the individual. It might be very different for various groups. The words might be the same but the inner understanding can be very different.

Every individual has certain receptivity-possibilities. These might be very different. There are certain “main-streams”. The paranormal world is based upon this.

To receive broadcasts from “outside” the reincarnation-cycle is very rare and happen very seldom. May be for every individual once in a life-time or in the whole of his/her reincarnation-cycle. The question is always, will this be recognised accordingly.


The so-called paranormal individual works with or receives frequencies(vibrations) within the realm of the reincarnation-cycle. This might solely be within different frequencies(vibrations) of the third-dimension being earth-forces like Devas and others. Mostly, the insight knowledge is not there. The present status is that these receptions are all phenomena.

Most people are highly attracted by miracles and these reflections are presented like messages to be taken seriously.


Unfortunately(or fortunately??), they are mostly maya.

If we pursue these phenomena out of inquisitiveness or curiosity or interest, we make a connection. We open a corridor causing different energies entering our world and creating turbulence. There are situations arising on our planet that do not fit within the pattern of our time causing thus great disharmony.


Working with these forces, for people not fully conscious of the circumstances and consequences, is or might be catastrophic.

The experiences could seem very valuable. If we are accepting these as the all-embracing truth much more turbulence and disharmony will come to our planet. The Kingdom of the Dead, a different frequency(vibration), is earth-restricted. The personality of the individual has made an imprint into energy, called a field of morphic-resonance.


After leaving this life, this imprint is radiated and/or attracted into the Kingdom of the Dead; you might call it after-life, like the Egyptians did. Therefore it is relatively simple to take up contact with “past lives”.

If we are contacting these imprints, we are making corridors within the same dimension, between two different frequencies(vibrations). Most regression-therapies work like that.

To forbid or to block individuals to make these contacts would be counter-productive, but it is of utmost importance to handle these situations with utmost care. We should never forget that in the dualistic world, action is reaction and “bills” must always be paid, one way or the other.


We have this possibility but whether it makes us happier, is very doubtful. He who thinks to be able to control these situations is suffering from a severe form of arrogance. There is but One that is mastering this being God, working through The Planetary Hierarchy.

If a person needs an “update” on details experienced in other lives The Planetary Hierarchy will take care this happens in a corresponding impulse like a flash, when the right moment is there. Almost everything else that is aroused through human intervention is human curiosity. It might bring on the moment of experience some “enlightenment” but will result in a later stage into distraction and delusion.


The third dimensional world is much bigger and more complicated than we might be able to understand. Being “part” of the astral world or realm, another aspect is the fourth dimension, a wavelength of a different frequency(vibration). This has a lower density being the “world” of the soul. For some people it might be hard to understand that the soul is of a higher frequency(vibration) resulting into a lower density of matter. In the beginning of this book The Golden Law of Transmutation was mentioned:  matter is the lowest frequency(vibration) of Spirit and Spirit is the highest frequency(vibration) of matter.


For our world this means that our three dimensional world consists of a frequency(vibration) creating compact “touchable” matter. The world of the soul – a higher frequency(vibration) – is “untouchable” matter. You might bear in mind the following: “water turns into damp”. Both are matter. You understand the same application might rule on a spiritual level. There are seven main-frequencies in this world of the soul corresponding with our seven main-chakras. These are fields of energy of a certain frequency.


A common name is Bardo or the 7-Spheres. Each field of frequency is matching the frequency(vibration) of one of our seven chakras. The soul will be attracted to one of these 7-Spheres corresponding with the frequency(vibration) of radiation that is reached through transformation on Mother Earth, within this lifespan. If you have eyes to see, you will know to what sphere the soul will be attracted when an individual is leaving this life and crossing the “borderline”. The “colour” of the “left-behind” body, immediately after “crossing”, is the result of chemical reactions and will show this.


Most people in our time span will turn slightly “yellow” and certain chemicals are excreted.

We hardly can contact the world of the soul. Only for very few individuals, this might be possible. A “passing through the gates of frequency(vibration)” experienced by the soul, is very hard to describe and even less to imagine. Most paranormal journeys are happening in the astral world, earth-connected, The Kingdom of the Dead. You might arouse, out of curiosity something like that, but it will seldom happen. Most efforts will get stuck in, and be restricted to the world of projection.


There will be great astonishment and turbulence experiencing these “films” of self-projection It will have an illusionary effect. The 7-Spheres being the fourth dimension, run from red until white. The last is the “gate of liberation” of life on Mother Earth and ends the cycle of reincarnation.

Be alert that these fields are frequencies, fields of energy.


Most of the souls now incarnated, presently travel onto yellow through the fields of red and orange. The power of the Godly attraction of Universal Love will guide you through these fields. His Love will attract you into the frequency(vibration) where you belong according to your radiation. This procedure applies for most people, exempted the ones that are able to “steer” or control this. They use the power in their blood (The MerKaBa) through meditation on the moment of “Death”. To explain this possibility goes beyond the understanding of most people.


The process itself might be clearly understood if you accept the basic principal that Universal Love is the magnetic power of attraction to unite with The Ultimate. When time is there, you will be attracted through all the frequencies(vibrations) being the 7-Spheres including the “last” gate of white light into Oneness. Soul and Body will be united and shall have the same frequency and will “leave” the cycle of reincarnation “behind”.


Jesus needed three days to complete the Mission. He showed to the world the way He was going “back” to His Father. He needed “just” one life. He proved to be a common man becoming a “Master of Wholeness” in His Name, a Christ, a Buddha or like any known or unknown Light-Being of Oneness. This is into Fifth Dimension and outside the range of the astral or paranormal realm. You will be drawn through the 7-Spheres into the World of Wholeness.

Jesus had to do this publicly. Others before Him like Buddha and Krishna, performed this in silence. Mankind were to understand. Therefore, it was to be shown, this was The Path.

The essential message left-behind:


"That when the time is there, you will be able to do the same and more”.


Why has this message never been understood? The idea of following in His Footsteps, guided from Heaven, and not from earth through some institution saying to represent Him. The answer is simple. Lack of understanding and trust in His Words that this is The Path as shown. It had to be shown to everybody individually on request directly from Heaven and not through the words of some dignitary. Now is the time that was prophesied. Everybody who has eyes to see and ears to listen, will be able to tune in directly.

That is the start of the New Age, the New Covenant leading to Wholeness and the specialty of our Time.


We are on turns, in the 7-Spheres and on Planet Earth. The reincarnation-cycle is in effect and our soul needs many reincarnations in order to realise in matter what had been “taught” in the 7-Spheres. This “up and down travel” is the result of a lack of trust in Our Father, The Ultimate Source, and His Co-workers The Planetary Hierarchy. Liberation from this cycle can only take place, when full submission on Planet Earth will be realised.


Only then our soul will be liberated from this reincarnation-cycle and be absorbed in the World of Wholeness. There will be left an identity but not in the manner we are used to. These many reincarnations are unnecessary. For some reason mankind needs these. Only one incarnation is necessary, the others are just repetitions, in a way.

If you would be absolutely convinced in Wholeness of Creation, reincarnation will not exist. Reincarnation is in reality maya.


The Ultimate Source “knows” His children and has created the possibility of repetition.

The danger of this possibility is that this might be elevated into one of the most important facts in Creation. That is what is happening in our days and the world will be highly subject to maya. Mankind will be distracted of the facts that are really of great importance.

Body (Earth) and Soul (7-Spheres) belong to the astral realm and of course. this is part of our Creation, within a certain frequency(vibration).

It would not be right to reject this part of Creation.

We would reject ourselves and all other living creatures.


We should however realise that being on Earth is the main principle of our existence. That would be highly unjust. The Planetary Hierarchy, The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness or any other Name you might call these Beings of Oneness, are guiding us. All guidance is subject to our free choice, in this astral or paranormal realm.


The free choice is inviolable; nothing must and could be forced on to us.

The “side-effects”, the result of our paranormal thinking patterns, are very distractive. A simple drawing on the next page will give you an impression of the reincarnation-cycle.

One thing we should never forget: a famous maya-god in South-America “governing” the astral realm sticking out His tongue to mankind and radiates:


“If you are satisfied with human explanations feeding the mind, you are naïve and lost your way”.



Planet Earth         - 3rd  dimension frequency (vibration)

7-Spheres            - 4th  dimension frequency

Wholeness           - 5th  dimension frequency


The Planetary Hierarchy are guiding us in the astral or paranormal world (earth and 7-Spheres), when we explicitly ask for it and are preparing us for the quantum-leap. If this will happen, we are in Wholeness. It is impossible to discuss this topic being dualistic. The “general” name is Heaven or Nirvana, the world of Unity and Oneness in His Name.  




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