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We have to ponder over the previous mentioned facts about the background of mankind. Especially considering the development of our consciousness.

We are moving spiritually from the stone-vibration(crystal) to the light-vibration. If we consider the present status of mankind, there can be no other conclusion that mankind considers himself the centre of Creation and not a part. Wholeness of Creation is so totally interconnected we have no idea of the magnitude.


Some change might be in the air. Unexplained happenings in our time bring about another aspect and might corrode this rather arrogant idea of self-centredness. We might accept the fact that this kind of thinking has passed on through ages like in medieval times. Galileo discovered that the Earth is spinning around the Sun and shattered the ideas of the existing scientists. Since then we know that Earth is just a part of a solar system and not a centre-point. Our consciousness has not changed much since then.


It created a shock in religious thinking. The Earth was “less” important than the Sun? It took the catholic church more than 500 years to acknowledge this. It might take another 500 years to acknowledge that the human being is a part of Creation and not the centre-point.

Humans still spiritually think that Earth is the dominating centre-point of Creation. Present mankind still thinks scientifically and religiously that they are unique and unprecedented. The question coming up will be, how much time will it take before this pattern of thinking will be changed. Before we know, we are a part of an unthinkable greatness we have no idea about.


The thought is not uncommon. From time to time, science is discovering the inter-relations of Creation of Earth, like our DNA. Would there be no possibility of a total different kind of life if matter would be in a different frequency(vibration) under total different circumstances. Energy-frequency(vibration) is the main catalyst for the manifestation in matter. We are programmed (DNA) in a certain frequency(vibration). We have no idea that our human pattern of thinking is dominated by this programme.

Our present idea is the Trinity principle, being body (earth), soul (7-Spheres) and spirit (God˘s Sparkle of Wholeness or Universal Unity within us).


Mankind is created on this principle. We are the living manifestation of the Holy Cross. This is a universal symbol and unjustly claimed being the Christian Symbol, like the swastika is unjustly connected in being Hitler˘s Symbol.

Through thousands and thousands of years, individuals have used symbols for their own benefit. This resulted into very wrong and very emotional ideas.

If a human being is stretching out his arms sideways, he will be the “walking” cross.

God˘s Inspiration is coming through the Fonticulus(Fontanel, think of the bald-headed monks) travelling along the spine (the 7 main chakras) through the legs and feet (reflexology) into Mother Earth. Through his arms, man is radiating out this Godly Inspiration all over the world for all living creatures, visible and invisible. From Point 0, where the thymus is located, all energy of Wholeness is brought into this world in silence.

There are more than 6 billion “walking” crosses on Mother Earth, most of them unconsciousness of their universal identity and destiny.



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