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This word is very much used in our society when situations arise that cannot be explained both in the “material and spiritual” realm.

The word is very well known and there is hardly any fear connected to this word. There is, however, a double meaning(dualistic) of the word, black and white magic. The first one is rejected; the second one is very much in favour. In duality they belong to each other and the borderline is as wide as a “footstep”. The statement that rightness can lead to wrongness, that good can lead us to bad is a paradox and the best thing is to give an example.


The Inquisition – you all know – was founded to guide people on the right track of religion leading to God.. The human or institutional force wants to achieve the goal of being right. It could not lead to anything else but restricting the free choice of humans if institutional goals were jeopardized. Actions were taken and people were tortured, burnt at the stake or likewise. Still, the main goal was to save people from hell, but hell was created on earth. What is right and what is wrong?


This is subject to a certain time and evolutionary background of an individual and/or people. Preferably, black magic or sorcery is presented through a diabolic picture of a horrible creature. This is the most common presentation to enforce ideas unto the man in the street, a simple ideological characterisation.


We should, however, not mix up spiritual simplicity or naivety with worldly scientific education. Also highly educated people with impressive university backgrounds might have a very simple idea of spirituality.

The institutions, especially the church, have created no activities for minimizing idiotic systems of religious thinking. The reason might be they cannot handle the situation or they have no idea these circumstances actually exist in their religious organisations. In principle, the church is a dubious institution because of the way of presentation. The respective leadership states they represent God on Earth.


To impress even more, they have developed all kinds of titles and claim more or less the sole knowledge. Their basis is they have studied theology at a university.

Jesus always emphasized, His Father lived in the Heavens and He belonging to the humans did not know the difference between right and wrong (Marc 10:18).


A very fearsome word in our Zeitgeist is occultism. The word stands for being magical, but the contrary is true.

The first meaning originates from the way the institute explained the action of such an individual. An occultist is an individual handling energy in the most accurate and efficient form.


Science confirms this noticing that there is no energy wasted the way the universal laws are created. Everything fits into everything and has its own meaning.

The occultist is a human being. It is very hard to stay “simple” and master the possibilities of power that this knowledge supplies. This knowledge and power should be used in wisdom and submission at God˘s Mercy. These restrictions – in the past - have been forgotten very often in history.


The institutions were often threatened in their existence by actions of occultists showing signs of exercising power through occult explanations. These statements caused very often a lot of turbulence and were sometimes very painful for the recognised institutions. The most effective way to eliminate a potential opponent in these religious affairs is to accuse the other of diabolic arts and practices.

The actual meaning of the word degraded through the years and was replaced by the meaning: being devilish.


The meaning of the word discrimination went a similar way. We cannot do anything but discriminate. This is one of the main reasons why we are here. No two beings are similar. Discrimination, in our days, is a dirty word and indicates the so little favoured side of polarity thinking, negative. This interpretation is even corroding our right having freedom of opinion and speech.



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