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DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Amino-acid)




We shall not discus the aspects of the DNA for mankind in a scientific way. The originating background of the respective codes being God¢s Immanence for our creation shall be discussed.

There are many scientific books painting a certain picture of this result of Cause and Effect, Karma. This last conclusion is not a scientific one.

The basic idea is to demonstrate the connection between DNA and the spiritual “soul-background” of a living being, animal or plant.


Certain statements go beyond the accepted human factors, chance and coincidence. This should caution the scientific world doing experimental tests and trying to chart DNA, changing DNA-codes. Unfortunately, most scientists are very enslaved in their “playing god”. They overlook the fact that in our Creation, every living creature might have a spiritual background that goes far beyond our understanding.

We should realise there are four different “building stones” DNA consists of. For every living creature in our creation, there is a special pattern, or personal code, for mankind, animals and plants, but not for the crystal. Mankind is interconnected with animals and plants through the combination of adenine/thymine and guanine/cytosine. Our Creation is fully based upon this principle.


People who know a bit more of DNA, know that strings of DNA consist of two, called the double-helix. The life-supportive information contained is endless. Being registered in a book, it might comprise many thousands of pages. A kind of “ Morse code” containing all we are. This might apparently look new, but may be it is not so new. In forgotten times, the same knowledge might have been available.

A human being is not controlled through his brain, but through his DNA. Our brains are also DNA-material and the acquired knowledge in this life, will be stored according to our DNA-code.

Scientists have their hands on the DNA and think they have discovered the Blueprint of Life. The conclusion might be correct.


The restriction, however, is, do we understand this code or energy-impulse. It is not the first time in man¢s history that scientists think they found and understand something of nature. Quite a few people are judging the discovery of DNA a breakthrough to realisation of one of the most wanted demands of mankind, a longer and happier life. Through certain types of surgery in DNA, a range of hereditary diseases, might be cured. Even cloning living creatures might be possible and is already realised. The development of this “science” will be victorious when a human being will be cloned. May we all pray, this will not result into the biggest catastrophe of our Creation?

The biggest question is, of what DNA originates. If you change the outcome, does not this have consequences. We cannot recognise nor judge.

To get some insight in the regulation of energy-flow inside the human body, you might think of the staff of Hermes (Caudeceus).

In most scriptures of Non-Western Origin, you will find a blueprint of the energy-flow in the body. The Aesculapius, the sign of the medical profession, is an interpretation.

This Staff of Hermes is a double helix generally indicating for everybody what the interference is of positive and negative or so-called male and female energy-flow. These two flows (dualistic) have shaped everybody on basis of a spiritually different background.


These streams of energy flow through the seven main chakras alongside the spine, intertwined as follows:

God send His Power through the head into the individual¢s body through the seven chakras, through the feet into Mother Earth. Mother Earth reacts and sends Her Power back the same way to God, The Father.

Both ends are embedded in Wholeness. The human body is created as a result of the deed of fusing of mother and father, within the human realm.

Every individual, male or female, has two unique facts:

1.     a personal imprint of DNA ( in matter)

2.     a personal imprint in energy, the proportional coherence between positive and negative energy.


This coherence results from the intensity of the soul-radiation becoming dualistic. The human being is the result of an imprint in matter (DNA) realised through soul-radiation becoming dualistic. The intensity of the enlightenment of the radiation is the result of karma.


We should not base this on the human statement, guilt and penance, but on the Law of Cause and Effect.

Consequently you might say that every human being is the result of a unique ratio between positive and negative (male and female or rather the giving and receiving principle being absolutely equal).

The birth-intent is to transform “the positive/negative” coherence into Oneness. That is the “simple” task we have to realise on Mother Earth. It is also the biggest confrontation with medical health care. They are trying to meet the demands of the human being of self-satisfaction through manipulation of the DNA. On the surface, it looks like it is bringing a lot of happiness to “suffering mankind”, but other living beings are mercilessly tortured to get the results realised.

Science has the idea they are taking over Creation. The knowledge obtained through scientific studies of DNA and the possible outcome on human beings, should not be ignored.


Many constructive things are possible, but manipulating the DNA might open the box of Pandora. If you are not rejecting the basic principle that DNA is the result of interference between earth matter and soul-radiation then you also must realise the Law of Action is Reaction applies.

The result is changed and through this, another response or effect on “soul-level” is possible.


If you are changing a landscape, the weather conditions might change, even influencing the climate. This principle might also be applicable on DNA manipulation and if we continue en masse, it might change the concept of our Creation.

We should not use fear as motivator to be careful and not doing DNA manipulation, but we should understand that the DNA codes are sacred. Through the knowledge of medical scientists we have the possibility to judge whether a baby will be perfectly born or not. Thus meeting the standards of the parents. Babies are and will be born to this world on karmic principles, even though mankind does not understand.


Suppose, you might accept this statement that humans are born according to karmic principles. The following result will be quite logic, but told in a human way.

A soul in the 7-Spheres will need a parental couple to supply the basic-combination of the karmic code of the newly born. Through radiation, the incarnating soul will be able to adapt this code to the personal code of DNA. In this way, we look for our parents not because of familiar backgrounds, but of the respective codes. Suppose, the parental couple find out through scientific methods, that their baby to be born is in some way handicapped and either will abort or not abort.


The choice nowadays is with the parents. If they abort, the baby will not be born and the soul will have to “find” another couple meeting the demands of the respective codes, or will have to wait till “better times”. In the first case, the so-called “third-world” is an opportunity because scientific methods are very costly and not so much accepted. Through the Law of Cause and Effect, more and more handicapped will be born in the third world.


Our love, the love so much admired and cherished in the West, is mainly founded on the condition of being perfect. The conclusion cannot be anything else. When in the “dark days” of the 2nd World War The National Socialists were controlling people to obtain a perfect baby, this was called devilish. In our days, everything is done to receive a perfect baby, meeting the standards of the parental couple. It is of a similar principle and now considered normal.


Only sixty years have passed. Our moral and ethical standards are changed that much. The end of this development of human desire is neither new nor yet over.

In Atlantean times, the same principle was worshipped. An empire not recognised by scientists. On old Mayan Temples you will be able to see the double helix like in the Staff of Hermes.

We should not be hasty in our conclusions, but it might be wise to reconsider what is going on and whether we are on the “right” Path.

We should not be pessimistic and create fields of fear. We might know and accept, the infinite Love of God destroyed Atlantis. The free choice of mankind had chosen for power and He had to destroy His Beloved Creation. Only that way, a new beginning could start according to His Plan leading mankind into the eternity of submission to The Source or Wholeness. If we continue our path, will there be a necessity to correct us or shall we see His Light?



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