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Universal Chemistry




After having read the previous chapter, you will understand why this theme “universal chemistry” is so important to discuss. It is not the intention to give a full report, but just some thoughts to ponder about.

So much has already been written about it, true and untrue, that some “tips” might be very helpful and enough for the attentive listener.

The founder of this universal chemistry is Hermes Trismesgestus, Messenger of The Gods and very well known in the Grecian Mythology. His statement is eternal, reading, “All is One, and One is All” and not the other way around like people always want to think. Lives on Earth and in the Heavens are interconnected. All sorts and forms of life on Earth are interconnected.


The previous subject of DNA shows this very clearly. The worlds of man, animal and plants are indissoluble interconnected through the Deva-Hierarchy. The world of the crystals is similar, but a somewhat more complicated matter to explain. There are two kinds of chemistry, universal and earth-chemistry. The last one is a very highly restricted form of the first, to be compared with the already explained astral Akasha and universal Akasha.


Hermes taught the universal chemistry, the chemistry of transformation where the old becomes the new. The old is not recognisable in the new and is inseparable.

Explanation through some example might be recommendable. The astral way is like a mix of various substances where every substance keeps his proper characteristics. The universal way is like a chemical reaction where two or more substances become one inseparable fully new substance with specific and changed characteristics. This is universal chemistry through transformation. In everyday life, these principles are very much confused.


Hermes taught the “so below, so above” Law, micro-macro. Through transformation, both sides were united into Wholeness. Mankind was to follow that Law in Submission to the Ultimate Source, and at His Mercy. Later interpretations reduced this Universal Law to the Astral Realm where mankind was to be centre and in control.

Hermes taught that mankind was an inseparable part of the Total and should collaborate in submission with The Ultimate Source being an instrument on Planet Earth and an acupuncture needle in the Hands of the Planetary Hierarchy.


Paracelsus is one of the best-known biochemists and although his deeds and knowledge were considerable, it had very little to do with the original Hermetical ideas.

These ideas of Paracelsus have developed into a way to cure people physically and are a catalyst of our today’s medical and “alternative” science.

 Some of these methods are described as being spiritual but the result comes through a physical way, curing symptoms which are being the result of unbalance of spirit. The hermetical principal is the other way around.


Through intake of spiritual nourishment, eternal healing in His Name will be realised and this is something totally paradox.

The body is a chemical “factory” in which all kinds of biochemical reactions are taking place constantly. The question will be, what will be our choice? Are we choosing submission or are we choosing control? Time will tell.



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