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We have discussed already various aspects of this subject with regard to Mother Earth. It might be useful to deepen this a bit more.

In our days, the awareness of environment and ecology is highly expanded and has resulted into many rules. This awareness is shaping up more and more. The reason for this is, mankind seems to change Mother Earth into a garbage bin. Fear is creeping into our sub consciousness. Everything that lives and grows is affected, corroded and sometimes even destroyed.

From where does this pollution originate?

The basic foundations were laid when mankind started with economic growth. Machines were invented. Patterns of need were created.

The introduction in our world of machinery – the start of the inventions were roughly in the 19/20th century – made it possible to bring an almost endless variety of products into existence.


At the same time, especially western man started to introduce and market the secularity principle. Science was not any more part of religion (the divine principle of Wholeness) but based on principles of human thinking. All types of Universal Laws, immanent and transcendent, were split up and laid down in human dogmas. One of the most well known individuals is Newton. He helped to categorize the world, our Creation – a living Creature -, into a kind of mechanical being. Mankind was able to join and separate this “machine” with his “superior” knowledge.


The mechanical world was born and man became part of this.

The Ultimate Source, God, The Father, was nominated as an outdated Creator, Who surely could be surpassed by the knowledge of man. A Superior Being, far away from us.


Mankind gradually took control and Mother Earth became a kind of mechanism. Mankind was free to use all necessary and subject to his unsatisfying deeds and desires. Catastrophes took place but they were labelled to belong to the developing process of progress and growth.

Although there seems to be some understanding in our days, in principle the same idea is still very much alive and still growing. The economic process speeded onwards and since scientific laws and opinions were highly evaluated and used in guidance. This vision became the essential thread of our being.

The excesses accrued but were put aside. The economic strive developed, almost without any restriction and (western) mankind became enslaved.


Economic growth – the 10% doctrine – was made into a god of power and catered many provisions for human greed. The developers of this phenomenon were the defenders of this miracle and are prepared to use almost all means to continue this course.

Markets are developed all over the world and people were convinced that the solution of their problems was possible in accepting this doctrine. Western man(?) motivated by greed and supported by the power of money, developed Mother Earth on basis of human knowledge and fulfilment of needs and desires. This process is continuing and growing, up till this day.


A “side-effect” caused by the Law of Interaction is that when you fortify or weaken an energy-field, the opposite is also happening. Mankind does not want to realise this Action/Reaction phenomenon. The mechanical world is created by mankind. Man is still pursuing and continuing this path, supported through motivation, his views are correct.

This still stands today.


So-called development of knowledge continues today and so does economic growth. Without this growth, the world would be plunged into chaos. If for one year, there is no economic growth or a little decline, panic bursts out. There are quite a few examples in the past. Because of the lack of progress or downfall, caused through projection, stock exchanges worldwide plunged and panic was struck worldwide. Greed will then be the motivator to save one˘s valuables and chaos will be fortified. All humans are equally created in this sense, so no pointing fingers at each other.

In the western world - having completed already a quite satisfying development - certain movements arose to stop this pollution of Mother Earth. They considered it necessary to restrict the possibilities.


May be, we did not consider fully the cause and effect of material pollution. Everything is made of earth matter, so pollution is not basically matter. Pollution is the way matter is mixed, chemically bound and produced into products, executed through the systems of human thinking. We should, consequently, draw the conclusion, that matter belonging to Mother Earth and the way it is presented naturally is not the pollution, but the way the human race is interacting these various earth matters.

The confrontation is inescapable, man˘s thinking patterns are spiritually polluted.


Mankind’s answer to this fact is environmental technology. One of the biggest distractions and at the same time inventions ever realised and implemented in the history of mankind.

An inventive digress of reality on basis of which, economic growth might continue. An even less realised fact is that this environmental technology is developed with the same type of polluted thinking patterns of mankind. There will be no possibility to clean out Mother Earth as was intended and enshrined in Creation.


Proof is overwhelming and undeniable. Mankind is continuing his course because desires should be satisfied. Statements and developments of organisations like Greenpeace, whether seemingly useful or not, will not result into fundamental change. Change will not be realised, it is just fighting symptoms.

And if these type of organisations are evolving into political organisations (compromise), very little effect will be the result in spite of the heroic deeds of their participants.


The basic universal creation and foundation of such organisations was not meant for that. This would be only radiating out warning signals towards mankind, to change the procedures, confront the situation and realising our thinking patterns are polluted.

Only transformation through collaboration with the sense of the Laws of Creation would lead us into another programme, in balance with Creation itself.


Many individuals interpret this, like going back to Nature. Just for the very few (with money?), this is possible. If 6 billion people would want to go back to Nature, there would be disaster. Unthinkable malnourishment and starvation for all living creatures would rise on this Planet, and Nature would cease to exist.

Whatever rights have humans to take or even rob energy of their fellow living creatures like plants and animals in compensation of their own misbehaviour and greed.

Man shows little respect for these creatures and takes for granted that he should have all the benefit of the “relationship”. That tree, plant or dolphin must cure me is a very well introduced slogan, especially among alternative “spiritualists”. They act like they ask but they act like vampires.


The creation of the mechanical world on Planet Earth is an established fact and who will be able to transform this. All people are egocentric, and the ones who are denying might be the worst. The way we are created is why we are what we are. That is the biggest confrontation. There are no good people and there are no bad people, we are all people in evolution.

This is a special time and everybody inwards feels this.


Something is the matter, but what?


The only possibility to be “saved” is a gradual transformation, but it might happen in a flash, penetrating our behaving and thinking patterns. This is only possible if a morphogenetic field of Resonance of Wholeness is created. It should be as powerful as necessary to transform all that lives and grows. This Force might only be produced if mankind is collaborating with The Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness, Light Beings of Wholeness). A procedure will have to be established to transform the polluted mentality – result of our DNA – leading us into Oneness. A procedure to be realised by individuals. There should be 100% free choice and no human goals like working for a better world.


In all silence and recognition of our position, this will have to happen. Creation must be seen as Wholeness. Consequently, all social developments should be based upon spiritual background, believing in the Wholeness of Creation. Our thinking patterns should not be based upon statements of some action committees or sects proclaiming they know best what is going on.

This insight will be without any type of evangelising to convert individuals to a religion consisting of dogmatic rules. To almost everyone this will look like chaos, because we all want humanly recognisable rules. It is a theme beyond recognition because nobody will know what it will bring or what the consequences are, until it is reality.

The Guidance is through the Planetary Hierarchy and who is better equipped?

Is our trust in The Ultimate Source, God, The Father as great as we think, or shall we have to struggle within ourselves to overcome our doubts.


One fact is undeniable, as long as the spiritual programming of mankind is not transformed, we shall go on polluting Mother Earth. This new insight will be contrary to the old one:


The Yogi went out into the world, breathed deeply in and had this breath fully and freely streaming through his body, as done in the old age. The new style would have to be that the Yogi has to breathe in physically and spiritually to clear and clean Mother Earth of all pollution in His Name.


That is the spiritual programme cleaning all that lives and grows.

In the old way, the programme was in development, in the new way it is possible to transform this whole programme in a fully new one. It will be on a basis of a higher frequency(vibration), in itself unique, like every frequency(vibration) is unique. There is no way back, there is just now. The future will be based upon the past, and all ingredients can only be judged on “now”.

We do not know what was, what will be, we only know now. Some individuals give ideas about knowing, but they are only distracted by maya.






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