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The above subject is the basic incentive to have a survey on the development of worldreligions since the manifestation of Lord Melchisedeck, The King-Highpriest of Salem.

It is no coincidence this manifestation took place in the first elementary steps of the human being mentioned in The Holy Bible.

This appearance on Mother Earth of Melchisedeck, Lord of The World, took place to introduce a new way of life in a new time-era. Salem means beginning and the city of Jerusalem contains the message that the old will vanish through transformation to start the new era. Jer(icho)u Salem, and the “old” walls came tumbling down through the new sound of transformation. Three main worldreligions, so much interconnected are ruling this city: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


The materialization of Melchisedeck, Lord of the World, was established in The Cave of Melchisedeck on Mount Tabor.

This Melchisedeck-impulse was not meant for a certain area of Mother Earth. It comes from The Ultimate Source to Earth where the receptivity of mankind is at a special level. This will enable the possibility to work for The New Covenant. The Law of Interference through which Mother Earth is to be transformed. This impulse will also allow mankind to be instrumental in transforming the Old into the New Age.


Since this happening at Salem, many such impulses have been brought through Members of The Planetary Hierarchy to Earth. Sometimes materialized into human beings. These Members have manifested themselves in places where submissive receptivity existed among the human tribe. Thousands of years went by while these manifestations took place. The most well known are Krishna, Buddha, Pacal Votan, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and many others, known and unknown.


Although South America played an important role, there is not too much publicly known about in our hemisphere. It happened in “isolation”, since officially The Americas were discovered in medieval times. The Mayas existed long before, followed by other famous movements like the Aztecs, the Incas and many others.

We nowadays think that these ideas are originating from Indians, but these ideas came through materialized Messengers from The Stars, as they were called like Viracocha and others.


The original Mayas were no Indians (in the pure beginning) like the original Pharaohs were no Egyptians (in the pure beginning). Later developments led into this misconception, when human beings replaced these “legendary” Kings and Pharaohs. All these manifestations, known and unknown were meant to plant the seed for developing future consciousness, The New Covenant, the evolution of Mother Earth into being Wholeness. All is One. What was about to happen?

The Planetary Hierarchy understood that religious groups would be the result of this. Religious groups influenced and directed by local customs and interpretations, we call culture. The results were the present existing worldreligions.

The idea was to radiate impulses to transform all these worldreligions into Oneness. All “important” and known Avatars are displaying the same principle. There is only Oneness, to be understood within the possibility of the existing consciousness and having an innovatory effect.


The meaning of all worldreligions is in principle the same, only the various human rituals and interpretations are different and cultural –coloured. All manifestations would have to be in sequence of their happenings, according to receptivity of frequency(vibration) within the existing possibilities called Zeitgeist.

It would be logical to judge that the last essential impulse is the strongest in force through the Law of Transformation and Interaction.

Most worldreligions have the same pattern. The difference is only in human interpretation influenced by cultural backgrounds.

The Planetary Hierarchy has brought more impulses of insight. The result will be a transformation-process leading from the vibration or frequency of stone (crystal) into the frequency of Light of Oneness.


We are on Planet Earth. Worldreligions, the result of Divine impulses, are kept separated by human differences of interpretation. There is only One Ultimate Source. The Name you might give is irrelevant. There is just one Guiding Group, The Planetary Hierarchy. In former times Names like Elohim, Buddhist or Christ Consciousness are just human interpretations, putting labels.

The Planetary Hierarchy are The Light Beings of Oneness who are just working for Wholeness of Creation. Their Names in worldreligions are irrelevant.


In this special time, mankind might find out that all religious activities are based upon the same principal. That the cause of the differences is created through cultural background and other “name labels”. Beware however, think that these human labels are subject to the polarity judgement, “good and bad or higher and lower”.

These two different labels are entirely human.

In dualistic creation, the main principle is, something has to be there in order to create or serve something else. A continuous spiralling effect without any beginning and without any end. This is the essential law in our dualistic creation, for all that lives and grows. We have to face the fact that all worldreligions are based upon the previous appearance of a Universal Celestial Messenger just working for Wholeness.


All these worldreligions have produced smaller groups with a somewhat different human interpretation. The difference very often based upon power or restrictive thinking and viewing. There is but one historic Jesus Christ, but there are many cults saying to follow a kind of humanised Jesus.

There is but one prince Gautama Siddharta, The Historic Buddha, but many cults are saying to follow The Buddha, with very different concepts.


Human differences of interpretation about divine manifestations that only take place for opening the human eyes and ears. Happenings for making understood that there is only Wholeness.

In those days, there was almost no possibility to understand, but in our days the “curtains” of separation are getting more transparent. We have, more than ever before, the possibility to comprehend that we are not the centre of Creation but just part of it.

To comprehend that Mother Earth is an indivisible Unit and that we are about or are able to enter a new era, a different frequency(vibration) of living.


The diversity of Names and Rituals are just distraction. Mankind should understand the crux of Creation. There is a slowly growing quantity of people that are getting aware.

In all turbulences we are holding on to the past, but we also realise we have to let go. Many old type of sectarian groups are formed but they will have no long existence. One man shall not religiously dominate anymore the other man, what God is all about. There are still trials to do so.


Every man shall have to get connected with The Planetary Hierarchy. A religious feeling shall be built because of this. This time not built through human evangelising. There will be a unified reality in Consciousness spreading all over The Globe.

This will mean the end of dogmatised human religious interpretations. It will create an incredible space of universal religion unmatched in human history. When this will happen is unclear. It will happen and will be the crown of our striving and acting in silence for Wholeness.


A worldreligion under the Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy and based on the DNA of Creation. The most important blockades stopping the introduction of this phenomenon will be the known cultural worldreligions, anchored in nationalistic feelings and thinking patterns. The so-called “real” affection and dependency to the Ultimate Source is enshrined in the different behaving and thinking patterns in all parts of the world. A humanisation of the interpretation of Wholeness, established in all days life. God, Allah, Brahma, Jahweh etc, enshrined in culture and ways of behaviour, connected to the various areas in our world.


Mankind is living with dogmas and feels safe because of dogmas. Dogmas you can hold on to, like the eternal truth is an invariable reality and firm and fixed forever.

Eternal truth is always a human reality, and there are many.

To enshrine God, or whatever Name you want to give to the Creator, in a book and declare the contents of this book, holy. POWER AND MIGHT, but most of all RIGIDITY, will have total domination over us. A variable God does not exist, since God is Consciousness in motion, only the human interpretation is adaptable. The way The Creator is explained to us – even by the so-called chosen ones- is always restricted and subjected to Zeitgeist, whatever the progressive and innovative signs appear to be.




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