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Our understanding, thru the ages, of The Ultimate Source is a changing reality because our consciousness is “widening”. Every time we think we know it all and put this understanding of His Identity in a book, we should consider this a “picture” of a certain moment in time.

Every time somebody gives an impression of God, one should consider this is his idea for that moment. God is much greater and wider than any human being might be able to describe or think. Do not connect Him in any way to the Super-Holy Man with beard, because God is Spirit.

No man or institution is permitted to speak in the Name of God at any time. That includes putting rules on paper about His Holiness.


This would be highly arrogant, and a kind of presumptuous behaviour overstepping all boundaries of submission.

We should not exclude all that has been written in books, including the Holy-Books, but understand the writings as “moments in time”.

Only prayers straight from the heart exclusively will connect you with Him at all times.

Not through the emotional heart, but from your universal heart, the point of silence.

This heart will always be with you and where emotion is considered just a distraction.


The worldreligions do not have any exclusivity on contacting The Almighty. There are many ways getting into touch with The Father. In the history of Mankind, there are many types of praying rituals. Especially in our time – where all sorts of things must be possible – a great variety of rituals are exercised. One of the most favoured ones, is to contact through prayer or otherwise, the entities in The Kingdom of the Dead. Every human being born on Planet Earth, basically is guided under the protection of God, but also has the freedom of choice.


Many so-called religious movements are established in our days, working with the beings of the astral or paranormal world. We allow entities in our daily lives and work with these through name giving or otherwise. Unfortunately, it is almost always forgotten that opening doors into other realms have consequences. If we forget to close these doors again, we leave our world open for entities and forces we have no idea about. We know nothing about their motivations or what they represent.


Our world is opened up for these forces and their activities. These could have stayed better in the realm where they belong. Individuals doing these activities have most of the time, no idea what they are really doing. They consider it a game or a happening they have to live through contributing in some way to their consciousness. They are unaware that they cannot close that door any more with their own force, but only with the help of the driving force of The Planetary Hierarchy. They only can close this door.

This is an apparent contradiction to the fact that we should open this door being an instrument in The Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy. In this case. we and these entities will be transformed in His Name. This does not happen on Earth through a clear command, given to us, but through our choice to be servants.


We are just co-workers and we hardly know what this is all about. We act like acupuncture needles and in full Submission of His Name. We should do this in silence and receive no rewards or recognition. This is the intent of our reincarnation.

You will undoubtedly realise that the way people are acting today is still “far away” of this concept. But how far is “far away”?

If something cannot be realised to day, it might happen tomorrow. Only trust and submission to The Ultimate Source is the Guidance leading us into the New Covenant.



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