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We should realise that almost all human beings think of healing, resulting into having a longer “earth-life”. The first objective is to heal yourself. Almost all means and ways are accepted to bring you into this long and happy circumstance, while you live on Planet Earth. What consequences it might have for other non-human living co-creatures and other Hierarchies, we do not care very much or are not aware. Only some very few individuals think and act differently.

We are discussing the “suffering humanity” but have in mind our self-interest.


Only the “crumbs” of our needs and beliefs are meant for the so-called third world.

Without criticizing this behaviour, it is hardly imaginable that we do not see our Planet as a one and inseparable unit for which we are responsible. The main problem is not the economic circumstances but the struggle for human survival and expansion.


In what most call the spiritual world but basically is meant the alternative world, there are many “new” discoveries of old methods of healing. These are rituals and/or “thinking patterns” sometimes wrapped into a new kind of presentation. Although these ways are supplying apparently the needs for new ways, they are not. Mostly, these are offering little consolation, exceptions excluded. These methods are fighting the symptoms and totally obstruct the basic reason why we have a DNA.

There is hardly any progress in our consciousness.

All work just working on healing of this body in this life, and what comes next, we do not really bother. In some cases there is some wider view and interest.


The old methods, however, do not supply the up to date possibilities. In these old methods, the old consciousness with the then ruling karma-background, is integrated. The old methods only work, up till a certain degree.


Then a transformation in the blood through MerKaBa mutating our DNA, is minimal. There is just some rudimental result. In a certain way of speaking, these old alternative healing methods have less result than the regular medical treatment, if we just look for result. These regular methods (they are mostly DNA manipulated) create chemical reactions inside the blood, curing symptoms of disease.

Healing this body in this life, without any other consideration, the present regular ways are apparently better working than the old alternative ways. Unfortunately, these regular ways of medication are tested through animal-torture and mostly DNA-manipulated. From this point of view, they are highly objectionable.


Taking only the result for own physical healing into consideration, the chemical method is highly superior to the others, although these other methods are certainly filling up some possibilities. There should be some kind of cooperation and exchange of details. Unfortunately, fanatics on both sides, are continuing the schism and separation of these two methods of healing. They forget, both were created through divine guidance. To be fanatic is a very human attitude and satisfies the “inner-consciousness” dualistic pattern, doing “good”.

There are many ways of healing and there is an overload of literature about it.


The type of healing that is excluded from the above, is the eternal healing.


The human formula in words might be as follows:

To build such a force in the blood in His Name – The MerKaBa-. All diseases, registered in the DNA, will be transformed in His Name.


At a certain moment, there will be a reaction in our blood transferring us into newly reformed people. Our DNA will be transformed and there will be no DNA anymore, but just Wholeness in His Name.

The basic concept of our life will change and we shall just continue to support our present life to unfold our spiritual view on basis of All is One and One is All, through submission. When the time is there, our DNA will be transformed into Wholeness. This time might be the appropriate time when we are passing into another form of existence, eternal life.

This type of force – MerKaBa - in the blood can only be built up through spiritual work for Wholeness. This is only possible through confrontation, whatever shape or form, but never in the name of self-interest. A difficult and dangerous criterion.


The spirit in which human history has been written is self-interest. An important aspect will be to realise that Mother Earth is created in Wholeness and not for the sake of mankind alone. Working for Wholeness can never be on basis of self-interest, but just through submission and trust. The meaning of these two words highly surpass the conception of our today’s completion of society.

We might realise that the path for such a type of life is quite different of the path humanity is “walking” now. We shall have to change considerably, but shall we comply?


This change might happen very quickly if extreme emergency demands it. The time and demand seem to be at hand. The Path to Wholeness leading to eternal salvation is a Path based upon the composition of the DNA. Our DNA is the personal imprint of our personal karma of our soul in matter in this life. Every individual will have to walk this Path according to his or her DNA – out of free choice and will – under Guidance of The Planetary Hierarchy.


There is no free choice of Path, there is just one Path.


*Every DNA of all individuals is different, so this Path will be different for everybody. Through ages, it was humanly suggested there were many paths, but our imprint in matter, our DNA, leaves little possibility to the freedom of choice like humans almost always so desperately want. The Path is the Path under Guidance of the Planetary Hierarchy.


They tune this Guidance in accordance with the composition of our personal DNA-code. You might compare it to a procedure in a laboratory.

When we want to have a certain end product, we shall have to be extremely careful in our procedure to apply the exact formula. When we do not, we also get a result, but not the result we wanted and aimed for.


Who knows his or her exact formula of DNA-code and how to transform this code into Wholeness? No individual on Earth knows this. Just The Planetary Hierarchy knows how to guide us into this existence.


Only the individual, working for Universal Unity will be helped and supported.

Totality is the inseparable Creation of Mother Earth and everything that lives and grows, visible and invisible. This is an impossible task to complete for an individual just working out of self-interest.

The appropriate time is there, the force is there, the method is there, but the big question remains, are we prepared?

Our inner-preparedness to be servants and help to realise God¢s Plan on Mother Earth, might be the only motive to bring this into reality.

One is there, so that the next might live. We have come to Mother Earth with this intent and not with our existing and usual demands. This is the unavoidable and dominating reality, still far out of reach. Will this change and shall the individual understand?

This is just a question, and the answer will be in our silent wish for Wholeness.


There is no need for emotional explosions of well-disposed people to save the world. They create within themselves, a feeling of well-being. Our world needs people working in silence, who are prepared to accept the consequences. Even if it means, they will be committed to accept the disadvantages. This type of healing, transformation of The DNA of Creation into Wholeness is now about to be settled within the conscience of mankind. Will they accept or will they reject? Only the future will tell.


There are also some aspects of healing – mostly physical, but to some extent spiritually – within the range of alimentation and the mind.

We have received the brain to be confronted with the reality of our existing life and the corresponding position. Up till now, the brain is the initiator to use the Laws of Creation according to the principles of creating and explaining a mechanical world, like Newton started. There is the acceptance of an Almighty God, very far away. His Power is very much doubtful since we do notice very little of it in the world of the brain.


This brain will definitely lead us, however, to this Almighty God through submission. We (our brain) will realise there is no alternative. Through a process, the interpretation of the brain is developed and we shall arrive at a mental stage that will cause this submission.

We then shall be prepared to give up our free choice and become a universal servant. We have to be careful, because this process might also take place through emotional ways causing maya.

Another way is nutrition. Some previous pages mention this subject to a certain extent, but is not handling the “hot item” of being vegetarian.


Some explanation should be given because this would be extremely important for the new way of thinking about life as such.

It is very clear that feeding yourself with plants is less emotional since plants are emotionally more distanced than meat (animals). We might be able to hear the outcry of an animal, but we cannot hear the same of a plant, the same goes for their emotional reactions.


Mankind, animals and plants have basically the same emotional structure, which is of course based upon the structure of the DNA. The basic rule of Creation is that one is there to feed the other, to live. That rule decides the special role humanity is playing in this. A human being can eat everything, but should and must treat his “food”(living creatures) with respect and dignity.


In our present world, there is for some part of humanity, an excessive quantity of food available. The living creatures are handled with low esteem and food is turning into garbage. Lots of it you will find in the dustbin. Showing silent respect is advantageous. This would not only be beneficiary for ourselves and the living being giving up his earth life, but also for the mentality of our society. This would be very applicable for both meat and meat-free foods. If this pattern would be pursued, it would also have to apply for humans.


Jesus has given His Life with a similar spirit to the interest of Wholeness of Creation. When the appropriate time is there, we should do the same.

The Path seems very long. We are already taught since thousands of years this principle. We could be there in a flash of light, if we are willing to submit to The Almighty.

Up till now, some people, for emotional reasons, are choosing vegetarian food.


This is very understandable in view of what is happening with animals in our days. This treatment of living creatures is unacceptable and actually gives an idea in what emotional state our world is. Also plants are living creatures, although on a lower frequency(vibration), but not less respectable than animals. When we eat fruits, we eat the new life. The whole subject is very emotional.


History tells us that mostly in the eastern part of our world, vegetarian food was mostly preferred, especially for spiritual purposes. Eating vegetarian food gives people more control. The reason is there is less build-up of adrenalin. More control means here, more spiritual possibilities to experience certain happenings in the astral or paranormal world.


The base of our Creation is eating everything with respect to the Creator and the created being, so both meat and meat-free food can be eaten in this way.


A very important question since Creation is ; “Is this kind of food good to eat and will it give me a longer lifespan”? The statement should replace this question. Food should be eaten, which does not harm Mother Earth and respect the rights of all living creatures. Special attention for all of mankind for this theme, would be highly balancing the harmony of our world.




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