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Quite a few themes have been presented to you, and of course your difference of opinion will be respected.

These previous pages have described some aspects of the evolution of Mother Earth and to a certain extent, the spiritual history.

Many impulses have been sent to our Planet. They all were interpreted upon the paranormal or astral pattern of thinking and not on the basis of Wholeness.

These impulses have led to the moment in time where we are now. On the brink of a breakthrough spiritually.


Wholeness is enfolded before our eyes, if we open up ourselves for the new patterns of thinking, instead of holding on to the old ones.

We have to increase our frequency(vibration) in order to be able to receive these patterns. The “broadcasting station” of this higher frequency(vibration) has opened up since 1987, The Harmonic Convergence. A higher frequency demands a corresponding transporting and receiving-vehicle, if this is to be used effectively.


None of the known “old conscious ritual” methods is effective.


A new method should be available after 1987 to process this Force effectively.

The Planetary Hierarchy has relayed during the thirties, this new method to Earth through (this already mentioned English Lady) Olive C.B. Pixley.

A method that is unique and based upon the DNA of the present Creation.


This method contains the 64 keys how to transform our blood (The DNA) through MerKaBa.

It will be explained in the next part of this book.


This is The Bridge – the connection – to cross into the New Covenant, out of freedom of choice, back to The Ultimate Source.




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