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Energy and/or Leylines




Man has a variety of energy distribution systems running through his body. The knowledge about this is supplied through very good esoteric books and quite complete. Might be that the application and clarification could be expanded and improved. This knowledge is still far beyond our possibility of understanding.


Many methods of healing our body are based upon the principle of this energy system. We should not forget that the Law of Action is Reaction is applicable here or might be.

The energy-lines are represented through the Hermes or Caudeceus Energy Flow. This is a straight-line(the backbone) through which two energy-lines are winding like snakes. An acceptable interpretation would be that one energy-line is coming from the Father entering through the Fonticulus(Fontanel) twisting through the chakras and going into Mother Earth. The Reaction is that inside Mother Earth an energy-line in response is going through the chakras and leaving your body through the Fonticulus(Fontanel), back to the Father. This is the universal representation.

The human body is definitely an instrument in connecting Heaven and Earth. A more known and “accepted” application is that man is receiving this energy and keeps it for himself, closing off the various gates of giving back. He becomes in control of the energy-flow in his body (self-realisation). Medical doctors are using a somewhat altered sign called “The Aesculap”.


Acupuncture is using the meridians in the body to restore energy-flow through unblocking certain areas and healing people if done so.

Mother Earth has a similar energy-system and we know very little about it. In certain methods like dowsing, energy-flow is traced, but what the actual meaning is, is still far beyond our knowledge. Mostly, these tracings are read by so-called psychic people and fantastic stories are the result, known as legends or myths. These stories are not totally false but certainly to some extent questionable.


Earth has many places where the various lines are crossing. There spectacular sightings might be experienced. On these places, there might even be entrances into the parallel-world. To be able to enter these worlds, another resonance or consciousness is needed.

It might happen by surprise or through certain techniques of breathing, the first is fate and the latter is effected through curiosity. If you are in control, be aware of the consequences before starting these techniques. It might lead you into mental derangement if done.


Many thousands of years ago, our forefathers closely connected to nature, built certain type of “power-machines” of certain types of stone. These were of a certain lay-out and caused strong fields of energy used for various purposes. Knowledgeable people and that is not everyone who says so, might be able to look into a different world, created and ruled by a different energy-impulse.

Stonehenge is one of the renowned examples.

The energy-pattern of Mother Earth and man has a lot of similarities, but we should never forget that small patterns might fit into big patterns, but this law does not apply the other way around. Now that we have established that man is a “walking” energy-field, it is logical to accept that there must also be the radiation, the so-called aura corresponding. It corresponds to the chakras in intensity. Some people might see these various concentrations of radiation, even in colour.


However, be aware, that there are quite a few who are impostors. They pretend this for self-importance. Very few people really can see these radiations. Some of these gifted people use this for healing through the aura. Unfortunately, this would also be fighting symptoms. The cause of the disease might be something totally different.

Mother Earth has an widespread field of radiation, the aurora borealis (northern lights) is a result we all can observe.


We shall have to look back to the manifestation of the personality of man. The strongest field of radiation of an individual might be the result of thinking and educational patterns. The characteristics of the body of an individual are the result of soul-radiation embedded in matter (DNA). To this is added the effect of upbringing, education, social ancestry, surroundings and followed studies of various disciplines. Personality is the total result of this. There is but one fact that might put all this aside, free choice. Man can decide to do or not to do. The results of this are of a different nature and origin. To what extent any man is dominated, free will is uncontrollable. No matter how severe the pressure or consequences might be. You need power, especially from the inner-side, to meet the demands of your conscience and choose the universal path.


 This means that your own needs are subdued to this path. This birth-intent makes you a servant in body and soul and you become an active instrument for healing Mother Earth in the name of Wholeness. Own aspirations and self-interest are secondary and integrated in working for Wholeness.

We have lost touch with this universal principle. Sometimes, there is some remembrance in our sub-consciousness like a bell ringing. Personality is the sum of the total of earthly conditions and a result of soul-radiation and all the other aspects. The soul is freely reincarnated into earth matter. According to the old principles the soul was ”imprisoned” and should try to escape to Heaven. as soon as possible. The Cathars had this conviction.. Suicide was neither allowed nor any other way of getting out of this life through “self-help”. Life simply had to be lived to educate the soul. “Mercy killing or euthanasia”, “accepted” in our time, were not allowed.

Elements in the paranormal or astral realm are trying to convince us we are imprisoned on Mother Earth. They project certain visions of freedom in the after-life and try to let us think, hell is on Mother Earth. Old projections supported through astral visions are telling us that the body is just a vehicle needing to serve us to come to a higher soul-radiation. Then the body will be left back on Mother Earth and will disintegrate into earth matter. When we continue to act and think like that, we automatically are restricted to the reincarnation-cycle. We shall have eternal life within the polarities, the astral realm.


Our earth-body must be transformed into Wholeness. When we have brought the power into our bloodstream - The MerKaBa - uniting soul and body into Wholeness in His Name, we shall leave this reincarnation-cycle. We shall be drawn into Wholeness through His Eternal Love and we shall start to experience the New Covenant.

You might have an idea, if you could accept this explanation, in what way the present human interpretation is wrong. Feeling this might lead us into an incredible confrontation with our present standards and ourselves. Very reassuring is that time is never an obstacle. A race to fulfil, unnecessary.

A picture -in short- is painted that we have a choice between:

a.      Being an individual in the Total of Creation working for self-realisation and when all the benefits are achieved, working for Wholeness, or

b.     Being an individual knowing that judgement is impossible and in fact putting all fate into the Hands of the Planetary Hierarchy (Christ or Buddhist Consciousness).


The individual being must be prepared to work as an instrument for the Wholeness of Creation. Consciously but most of all unconsciously. He will be the “living” acupuncture-needle in the Hands of The Planetary Hierarchy, 24 hours per day. He will be going all over the Planet and radiating out Energy of Wholeness without knowing where, when or how. The only thing this ”individual” knows, is that God¢s Mercy is Salvation. He will train his body for better and effective radiation, in His Name, initiated by The Planetary Hierarchy.

This person is an instrument”- in silence – and accepts, what is that is.




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