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The growing spiritual understanding III




There are a number of perceptions of concepts of spirituality. Obviously they are based on personal comprehension and insight and will lead to restrictions of the real universal intention.

This universal meaning is enshrined in our “inner-knowledge”. People mention this intuition and even act correspondingly.

This is the most ideal and purest form.


Every individual should however realise that we are under influence of our Zeitgeist represented in books, education, science, religion (also the dopamine-effect) and many other symptoms. This originates from the uncontrollable brain (mind) and the effect on our inner-life and knowledge is enormous. To state that women have a more advanced intuition than men is an absolute dogma. Then we are talking about inner-feelings caused through emotion (effect of the brain) and act accordingly. This is not the kind of intuition meant.

When the soul is “grounded” into the body and human conditioning has not taken place yet, we all receive universal intuition. This is the “deepest feeling” of our existence. This intuition will be encased during growth to maturity, both with men and women.

Our “task” will be to liberate this intuition of this imprisonment and transform this into submission expressed in the following famous words:


            Father, why hast Thou forsaken me

            in Thy Hands I commend my soul


It is of quite some importance to read these words and have in mind the previous chapters. You might understand what the deeper meaning of these words might be.



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