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The Choice of Free Will




Freedom of choice is one of the most renowned qualities in our world and inviolable, so it seems. Very often this choice is influenced by our inner-feeling of doing “good” instead of surrender to “not my will, but Thy will prevails”.


What is so unique today is this choice compared to former times.

The limitations of our consciousness today have become very transparent. The inner-knowledge that we are about to discover is.

We are a part of The Total of Creation and not The Centre. It makes this choice now very different.

Copernicus¢ declaration, “the Earth is turning around the Sun”, made hundreds of years ago, has been accepted by our brain, but not spiritually in conservative religious circles. Through science (our brain), we find out that Planet Earth is a unit. Everything is interconnected, spiritually we are still heavily involved with our own being.

We still thrive for personal survival in this world. The choice we should make, is to start working for Wholeness of this Creation and setting aside our personal goals like trying to improve our existence through environmental improvements. We should improve our spiritual activities in the sense of “All is One, and One is All” and not the other way around like we are doing all the time.


The big question is, “How do you do that”?


There is an “overflow” of spiritual methods in the world today. For somebody who has not deeply “studied” all these methods, it is almost impossible to make the choice for the “right” method that will bring this all about. How should we walk the path for Wholeness as an instrument in the Hands of the Planetary Hierarchy without being influenced by any humanly based, personal or group goal.

There might be a few starting-points you might use for directions.

1. There are no saints or chosen-ones, there are just people who might be a bit further on the road of so-called enlightenment or seem to be. Do not look up to these people. The real honest ones will not allow it and will, if necessary do things to annoy or disappoint you, showing you their weaknesses. If these so-called saints allow this type of behaviour, they just want to have domination over you. For whatever purpose you might not be aware of.

2. There might be people who just want to give you a “push” to help you. They will immediately withdraw because you have to rely upon your own abilities. If they do not, you might be enslaved. The only Power that can help you is not in the hands of humans, but it is The Power of The Christ or Buddhist Consciousness, The Planetary Hierarchy. They have no sole earth-based representatives, although many claim this to be.

3. If there were to be a method which promises you the “stars”, this is only trying to

influence you to participate, based upon desire and may be, even lust.

A seed we all carry within us and on basis of that we might come to self-realisation, the aspirin-effect.

4.There is no centre on Earth, no centre-point, everybody must have equal opportunity to enter. There are no ranks or special positions, one should show in spiritual development. Jesus or Buddha or others never allowed anybody to call them Master or any similar title like Your Serene Highness.

5. Everybody must be able to have a constant connection with the Ultimate Source and not only through creating certain living-conditions. To make your connection a living one and not a place you are only fleeing to in times of despair.

6. Do not be attracted through miracles that are only directed at your own fulfilment. It might be interesting but mostly based upon your own or somebody else¢s projection through the brain. Real miracles will just happen and are not caused by human fantasy, but through unavoidable happenings that might occur everywhere and every-time, no matter what. The first type of miracles are based upon our own needs and projection, the secondary are brought on to us in the name of Wholeness.



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